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Jesus Christ —God, Man, Or Myth?

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locust | 16:09 Fri 29th Dec 2023 | Society & Culture
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Jesus Christ  —God, Man, or Myth?  
 On the other hand, we should be eager to learn about a Jesus, who is alive and who is empowered by God, to bring lasting benefits to mankind. Evolution Undermines Faith. In advocating evolution, with whom do the clergy ally themselves, and what published statements show whether they are aware of it or not. Religious advocates of evolution thus join hands with atheistic communists whose avowed aim is to root out faith in God, In what ways is man more wonderfully made than the animals, (Genesis 1:27, 28), Then, of course, there are the leaders of false religion who preach from the Bible at times and yet live contrary to its teachings or come forth with philosophies such as “God is dead” or that the virgin birth, of Jesus is a myth or that the creation account in Genesis is a fairy tale.



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What a load of old baloney - save it for street corner preaching.

locust; we are animals. Why are you against evolution?

myth just accept it

Jesus the Nazarene, or rather Yeshua,  probably a rebel leader with 'miracles' attributed by mis repeated narrative in a time when history was mostly oral.

As to the rest.... Pure fantasy created as a base for the construction of a religion.

From the original post, it seems to me that some feel their faith is threatened by scientifically uncovered truths. Rather sad really.

Question Author

Canary,42   *suffocated
Many people scoff at there was no flood but actually in the story arrangement of the Flood when Noah which preaching of the flood which was to come and to sweep them all away they just took no note that is just one of the illustrations, but also there are many other illustrations of people scoffing at the arrangement, Timothy 3, 1, to 5,   there is going to be a final reproof of those who will accept Jesus Christ and his father, arrangement and the Bible is no myth, it will fulfil its prophecies, many prophecies have come true today, and will fulfil the prophecies, to the end of this system, which will be under a terrible destruction, of human life who would not accept that there is a god, and his son Christ Jesus, this is no myth.

Man I think. A preacher that was one of many over the centuries and had a larger following.   Probably ly a very good man but son of a god no way.  

A human being who lived between 50 BC and 50 AD.Did i just write that?A faith healer or a miracle worker?Who knows?From all accounts he wasnt born on 25th December.

Did Christ exist? Yeah, probably.

Is he the son of God? Absolutely not.

All baloney utterbaloney. Stories written when no one could write and re told since again a couple of thousand years after, when still, masses cwere illiterate and belived what those in control told them to keep them in fear and under control.

Looking at all what has gone by on earth and what is happening now. How can anyone believe in a benign being that loves? And as for there being only one true religeon........

No sorry, the older I get the more I question and the more I question the answer always comes back stronger. It is just not plausible any more.

Man.  King of the Jews.

He may well have identified as 'myth'.

Jesus was a man .Joseph and Mary's son.I don't believe in God.  

Some of the predictions made  in the Bible do  seem to be coming true. Wildfires , plagues of locusts in Madagascar,hurricanes and tornadoes, floods ,earthquakes , volcanoes,droughts and famines all over the world. Happening more frequently now.

Any particular religion may not be totally plausible, but science informs us that little really is how it appears to us; so speculation of a reality outside of the one we are aware of, a spiritual realm, or whatever you wish to refer to it as, is not out of the question.


I doubt many folk have an avowed aim to root out faith, but quite a few would like all to question any faiths they hold dear and understand how likely or otherwise they are.


Humankind is no more wonderful than "the animals", all are a wonder. It is merely the case that on this planet humans are the species that were fortunate to evolve to have both a decent level of intelligence and the ability to manipulate things. Well some species had to achieve most.


That which one disbelieves one is likely to consider false. That's just obvious, and works both ways. Testing any evidence points the way forward. Not simply believing what someone else claims to be truth.


There have been many floods on the planet throughout history, but no evidence of one covering the whole globe wiping out all but a favoured few who then repopulated the world. One should try to remain rational when evidence is missing.


As has been debated many times here, prophesies are easy to make up. Given enough believers sooner or later something vaguely similar will be found and they will claim to be what was meant, but without any evidence of their claim; but that proves nothing. And for those prophesies yet to be claimed to be identified, well there is always the claim that it is yet to come, just wait (forever ?) and see ?


Not a son of God ? Well of course to debate that, one has to start, for the sake of discussion, with agreement that such a God exists. So, if an entity realises it exists, either in an existing space of sorts, or somehow outside of anything (as nothing else exists ?) then from what will it decide to make their evolving universe, and from what will any intelligent beings that eventually evolve be created from ? After all this entity is the only thing in existence, so it would seem that it only has itself to create anything else with. Given that, isn't every human therefore a 'son' or 'daughter' of said entity ? i.e. from said deity/god ? (In which case maybe there is only us and together we will find this God you seek in ourselves.)

He is whatever makes you happy - or not.

I often wonder how people who fill their heads with this nonsense find time and room in their thoughts to deal with the everyday issues that life brings.  

Maybe they more are "divinely inspired" than the rest of us.  

Kens hand shoots up. "Myth, Myth, Myth. I know, Myth."

Teacher looks over her glasses at Ken4155 and says, "Correct, Ken. You get another gold star for that."

Classroom applauds as Ken is allowed to stick his new gold star beside his many others. What a clever boy.

Flattery. x

Andres, i'm guessing that all those things you mentioned as being predicted in the bible had already happened at one time or another. More of a long-range weather forecast than a prediction. IMMHOO, of course.


There's more out than in

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Jesus Christ —God, Man, Or Myth?

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