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The Interesting Times

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Hymie | 15:22 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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This guy’s youtube videos are always well worth a watch; but if you don’t want to know how badly Brexit is going (or already know), watch the 2 minutes from 15:45 to 17:45.


In that segment, it starts off with a graph of key NHS performance measures from 2011; the first full year of the Tories running the NHS.  Before any data is presented on the graph, the X scale is marked with scale going up to 5 times worse.


Can the Tories really achieve a key NHS performance measure, 5 times worse?





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Y scale (doh!)

For a brief second there I though hymie was goingh to post on a subject other than brexit!

I started to wonder what Hymie's obsession was before June 2016 so I had a look around, he seemed more carefree in those days?

Is Mrs Hymie still about or are you engaged to Phil?

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The Interesting Times

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