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Brit Second-Home Owners Of Houses In France.

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Atheist | 19:50 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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French govt has decided to let Brits with second homes in France have the right to visit France for 180 days (instead of the current 90 days). But it might be considered by the Conseil Constitutionel.

Anyone here know if the Conseil has become involved, or will the new law apply. And if so, when?



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Question Author

Thanks, Etch. Looks like we'll have to apply for a visa again.

Maybe next year will be better.

I’m not keeping a record of those ABers fervently supporting Brexit, but if you voted leave, then I’d have no sympathy whatsoever for your predicament.

Question Author

Hymie; that's not very kind. I voted remain, but then I had a vested interest.

Question Author

I wouldn't gloat over a Brexiter who now had an unexpected problem that Johnson hadn't seen coming.

We all had a vested interest in voting remain – the likes of Farage, Johnson, Reece-mogg etc, conned people that this was not the case.

Well, if they don't want me to boost their economy by buying a home in the south of France, then they can go without.

We all have a vested interest in not being deliberately awkward to our neighbours, but looks like EU members had the memo go to the spam folder.

No one  could forsee that France  would 'cut off its nose to spite its face' t.b.h.. Rural France has benefitted hugely from the influx of Brits and others who took over derelict properties and spent money in the area.  When I arrived in La Vienne almost the first words I heard were (translated)'Welcome to France, welcome to the building industry'.  

Property was becoming derelict, villages deserted by young people.  Incomers were welcomed.  Who thought that France would cause itself such damage?

// No one  could forsee that France  would 'cut off its nose to spite its face'//


Brexiteers have this false belief that EU countries are deliberately punishing the UK for voting leave.


But all of these conditions now placed on UK citizens are applicable to all other third party country citizens (we are being treated no better or worse than other non-EU countries).


This is what leave voters voted for (and got) – now they are complaining about what they voted for.

Question Author

I don't think they want to understand, Hymie, but here goes.

The UK voluntarily chose not to be part of the Union and so they chose to be a non-EU country and so not to enjoy certain perks that they had. The smart ones might have known this, but felt it was on balance OK. Most of those who didn't realise wouldn't be affected by this issue, and so will pooh-pooh the shole issue. (Politics of envy? Just cos they didn't have a luxury villa in France? [as if!])

Watch this youtube video of Michael Gove conning people they would have no problems living/having property in the EU post Brexit – what a scumbag.



It is still being awkward. No other nations gets the lack of action to get things sorted, and as we have a long standing relationship there was no need to apply rules that have obviously proved unnecessary, but these rules were applied as hardhly as possible despite them being to the EU's detriment; and there's only one explanation for that. One would need a blind spot not to realise what has gone on.

jourdain; // When I arrived in La Vienne almost the first words I heard were (translated)'Welcome to France, //

Coincidence: that is the second time today I have heard of Vienne, though I know I have been there & have been trying to remember when.

The first time I read the name was this morning reading this very good book; User Recommendationref=sr_1_1?crid=3479YUCL7B8OH&keywords=dominion+book+tom+holland&qid=1707087794&s=books&sprefix=

If you don't know it  -  highly recommended, & I think you will like it.


And so they shouldn't have had problems had the EU member nations acted in a courteous and rational manner for the benefit of all rather than see ways to hit out. 

Two different situations:

1) You're an ex-pat living in France 100% of the time, in your main residence OR

2) You live in the UK, you have a second property in France and you want to come and go between the UK and France as you please

Which situation was the questioner asking about? And which situation was Gove answering about? My impression was that she was asking one question and he was answering another.

And Atheist is in the second situation ...

FWIW, I know friends who live in the Isle of Man who are not allowed into the UK for more than 90 days a year, and that has always been the case. So why would France allow Brits to visit for more than 90 days ...

Anyone watching that Gove youtube video would be in no doubt that if they had property within another EU country, that post Brexit things would not change for them (if they believed the con-artist, Gove).

and OG thinks that we should be given special treatment by the EU, because we used to be EU members – maybe Brexiteers are beginning to realise what they have voted for.

Hymie, your political posts should come with a Government health warning.  Every one of them is full of misery.


I have a house in Spain.  I've had no problems.

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Brit Second-Home Owners Of Houses In France.

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