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Has Anyone Ever Been In My Situation? If So Did I Get Resolved

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abbeylee90 | 18:39 Sun 17th Mar 2024 | Society & Culture
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So I'm in a really bad place as I'm in an underpaid job that I don't like, no house, no car or partner. I never had enough money either even though I got a good socail life but I just feel like I'm worth nothing 


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If you pass your trial (sounding good so far) then that is the time to tell your mum that you have a permanent, full-time job. I  would give her a bunch of flowers (or chocolates) at the same time and a guarantee that you will pay off your rent.  Good luck.

Well done Abbey, go for it, you can do this. All the best.

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My trial ends this week if I pass do I tell my mum I've started or starting?

Seriously? Look at the responses your question has received 

Why don't you talk to your mum about all this instead of a bunch of strangers on the internet? Just askin'

Abbey, does your mum still think you're working full-time in the laundry? You've been deceiving her for so long now, wouldn't it be a relief to start telling her the truth? And at least the truth would be good this time - you've got a full-time-job, not all the bad stuff of last year!

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Oh yes just seen it she might say is checkout for you? I feel bad lying but scared what she wil say like she did for HB

Only you can make the decision, we have advised you what we think

Abbey at 07.53. Your mum thought the care home job was ideal for you - but you didn't tell her how badly that worked out! She's had so much of the bad/disappointing stuff kept from her that she must have a false impression of what suits you work-wise. That's not disastrous if the Selco job works out and that you're happy there.  Just don't mislead your mum again, don't keep important things from her. 

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