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Has Anyone Ever Been In My Situation? If So Did I Get Resolved

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abbeylee90 | 18:39 Sun 17th Mar 2024 | Society & Culture
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So I'm in a really bad place as I'm in an underpaid job that I don't like, no house, no car or partner. I never had enough money either even though I got a good socail life but I just feel like I'm worth nothing 


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Abbey, can you see a connection there?

// I never had enough money either even though I got a good socail life//

Yip, been there a long time ago. 

You'll get there - just stop the "poor me" broken record.

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Barsel I mean friends and getting invited out 

Lots of people are in your situation, abbey, some far worse off in fact.  You have a good home, nice friends, you do charity work and you have a good social life.  What's not to like?  I'm sure you'll feel better when you manage to settle into a full time job. You need a proper routine.

Abbey/  You asked something very similar earlier this month - did you not read the advice given then?  

Abbey, when you go out with your friends, don't you spend money?

I think most people have felt down and hopeless from time to time but you've been feeling this way for quite some time and I'm going to repeat the advice you've been given several times:

See your GP, you may be depressed.   

Abbey, here's a brutally honest post which I really hope doesn't offend (that's not my intention).

Would you want to settle down with a man who lives at home with his folks, doesn't drive, doesn't have a pot to pee in and can't hold down a decent job?  If no is the answer, it could be the reason why you can't find a man who's interested in you, apart from creeps who are only looking for one thing. 

You seem to struggle to make your own decisions and spend far too much time on here asking what outfit to wear on Friday night. 

The life you want is not going to just land in your lap. You need to be more assertive, pull your finger out and work hard.  I understand there is probably some clinical depression in all this and it can be hard to motivate yourself, but when you achieve goals in work and in your personal life the satisfaction is immense. 

What you really need Abbey is to pull your finger out, focus and forget about AB and your social life and buying clothes whilst you get your life in order.  There's no point feeling sorry for yourself if you are not prepared to make drastic changes.

I do wish you the best of luck. 

I think we are all getting a little de ja vu here and Abby doesn't seem to listen when ABers are being helpful and answering her.  Abby listen to people who are trying to help you, you keep repeating yourself with the same old questions time after time. Get a full time job.  Save some money.  You will feel much better about yourself. 

Abbey, I have to ask - are you willing to take any of the advice this time? 

I think I'd swap a bundle of my money for your social life!

^ Did you read any of those replies?

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The Dr can't help with finance and getting a parter. I would take a man who lives at home but looks more attractive if he drives I would never expect my life to be like this years ago before covif 

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It's been suggested time after time that you see your GP to discuss whether you are depressed. I gave you a link for free counselling on one of your previous posts 

-- answer removed --

Nobody has suggested that a GP can help you with funding a partner or your finances. 

Perhaps you should simply get to know someone without saying things like "I would take a man who lives at home but looks more attractive if he drives" .

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Scorpio I applied for free councilling 


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