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Do You Think I Should Feel Some Guilt For Voting Democrat?

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Cindy1302 | 00:44 Fri 22nd Mar 2024 | Society & Culture
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I live in the US. I voted for the first time in 2020. I voted for biden pretty much because he took covid seriously, while trump downplayed it, and cause 500,000 Americans to die. I was watching a comparison video of San Francisco. One video from the 1960s. Everyone was smiling and walking down the street. Then a video of now showing tents, and tweakers walking around. I live in a smaller town, and right after biden took office, i noticed the same thing where I live. Republicans say that it is the democrats fault, and I'm starting to believe it.



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We're there no drug addicts living in tent cities during Trump's time in office?

I would just do what Taylor Swift says.

Tents started appearing in 2016. Not sure whose watch that was. 

The problem is drug and alcohol use is rampant in the US as is homelessness and was when Trump was in office. Your vote will not effect that. I


>>> "I voted for biden pretty much because he took covid seriously, while trump downplayed it, and cause 500,000 Americans to die"

Your figure is either far too low or far too high.  An estimated 1.2 million Americans were killed by Covid.  It would clearly be ridiculous to blame Trump for all of those deaths, as there were large numbers of deaths in every country in the world (irrespective of the political leanings of their leaders).  However his initial dismissal of the seriousness of the problem (e.g. his repeated "It will go away" comments) almost certainly resulted in many US citizens not taking the matter seriously in the early days either.  So perhaps 5% of those deaths (i.e. 60,000) could possibly be laid at Trump's door.

Trump is widely seen as a total joke (albeit a very dangerous joke) by people outside of the USA.  Biden has his faults (as, indeed, all politicians have anyway) but he's seen by most of the world as having a far safer pair of hands than Trump could ever have.

Town and city centres across the world have changed greatly since the 1960s with, for example, far fewer people using the shops there due to the rise in internet shopping.  Many once thriving city centres across the world are now largely deserted, other than by homeless people and drug users.  Some cities have adapted to modern times far better than others have but the differences are nearly always down to local policies, rather than to national ones.  So it would be ridiculous to blame either Biden or Trump (or, indeed, their presidential precessors) for the changes in San Francisco.

If you want to carry on voting don't vote for Trump

As a side note, I still find it odd that you only have two political parties in the States. Not much choice, other than obtaining. 

Why feel guilt anyway ?

Almost all nations failed to act wisely regarding Covid. Most pushed draconion rules on the population that later proved to have little or no benefit; but which gave information on how much the public would allow themselves to be pushed around. But in any case you voted how you saw fit at the time.

The thing is, in common with other nations, your nation's voters have a choice between a rock and a hard place. 2 options, both clearly incompetent, although perhaps for different reasons and in different areas.

Whichever you vote for it's a vote for the same status quo in that respect. Until the system changes such that the incumbent main parties can no longer count on remaining so, then nothing will change, and only the ultra-wealthy who have influential contacts/friends will be able to run.

yes of course you should

you know  yesterday I saw Biden giving fentanyl to  some little old lady - who said - thank you mr president, I will vote for  you

Only in America

Your figure is either far too low or far too high. 

Fred Hoyle ( astronomer) - a student  went in to his study, and said " Disaster - my estimate of the size of the universe is a billion time too low!"

Fred said - Easy! here is where you went wrong

Next week the student was back. " My estimate: I said it was too low, now I find it  is a billion times too  large!"

Fred said - easy ....

and so reader you can see that something can be too low or too high at the  same time

(that parallel wasnt too rich for AB, was it. Diana was shot  down yesterday)

If anyone should feel guilty it is anyone who voted for Trump in 2016 as a joke. Not so funny when he actually became president, was it?

you had a very poor choice of candidates in all honesty and that isn't your fault... you should not feel guilty. 

i guarantee the problems you describe are not going to be solved by the republicans. they are at this point the nearest thing to a major fascist party anywhere in the developed world (with the exception perhaps of Likud and Golden Dawn)... you should not take on trust anything that either of the two parties tell you especially when they are attempting to score political points

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Do You Think I Should Feel Some Guilt For Voting Democrat?

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