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The Current Ruckus Over The Rise In Womens Pension Age.

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CrapatCryptics2 | 09:53 Fri 22nd Mar 2024 | Society & Culture
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I`d be interested to know why nobody ever complained about the age difference when men retired at 65 and women at 60 surely an obvious case for discrimination. I have no idea how long this went on for but I`m sure it was many years.



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I, and I suspect many, moaned about it for years. Then when they changes things, instead of reducing the age for men, thus freeing up job positions for the young unemployed, they instead raised it for women. But of course that had far reaching consequences.

(I think men should now be petitioning for compensation at having lost years of retirement pension by being forced to live off their own resources between the previous men's retirement age and the age that the ladies were allowed to retire.)

For many years married women didn't pay full stamp and got smaller pensions.  Their husbands were expected to provide for them.  Read about it here

A married woman could only get her smaller state pension when her husband retired, not automatically at 60.

Of course, many women will not have worked for some years whilst pregnant and bringing up children, or only in part time jobs.

There was no equal pay.  A woman usually got paid much less than the man next to her doing the same job.

So you are not comparing like with like.  A woman was expected to look after her husband when he retired.

To the best of my memory this was the case from when State Pensions were introduced. In those days many (most?) women didn't work and 60 was considerd a suitable age for the weaker sex to retire whilst big, strong men could work until they were 65. It didn't seem to occur to them that women lived longer than men.

it's a right dog's breakfast - summat should be done....

Eventually the inequality was recognised and that times had changed. 

But the issue with the WASPIs isn't the inequality but the inadequate phasing.

A woman of 59 expecting to retire at 60 was told it would now be 62, but when she reached 61 it changed again to 65.

Imagibe if at 59 she had taken a redundancy package expecting her pension in a years time? It was a huge shock to them and the  it all happened again a couple of years later.

Its just a specific group of woman who have struggled with a poorly managed transition. The rest of us are either retired already or  have the same retirement age as men.

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The Current Ruckus Over The Rise In Womens Pension Age.

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