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Colour Can Cause An Optical Illusion

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renegadefm | 00:08 Wed 03rd Apr 2024 | Society & Culture
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I'm convinced the colour of an object, or in this case two objects of an identical size can cause an optical illusion of making one item larger than the other. 

Today I got back into eating tinned Princes mackerel fillets, so I bought one tin of mackerel fillets soaked in mustard sauce. And one tin in spicy tomato sauce. 

So basically the dark red colour tin which represents the spicy tomato sauce soaked fillets looks narrower and even slightly shorter, and the yellow tin of fillets the mustard sauce flavour looks wider.

But hold them together they are identical in size. 

Which suggests the colour yellow makes objects look larger when they really are not. 

Well larger than dark red anyway. 

And no I haven't been drinking. 



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>>> "And no I haven't been drinking"Shame on you! 😊See here for info relevant to your post though:
00:25 Wed 03rd Apr 2024

sure, just look at traffic lights,the big bright green one always seems bigger and easier to see than the darker red one.

>>> "And no I haven't been drinking"

Shame on you! ðŸ˜Š

See here for info relevant to your post though:

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It's funny how I never really thought of it before. 

I just put the 2 different colour tins side by side, and I thought hang on the yellow one looks wider than the dark red one. But it was no different in size. 

Strange why I have never noticed this before, and I'm 55 on Saturday. 

Very  good TTT!

and the colours can look different ( see any Mondrian painting) depending on what their neighbours are

this is worth a look ( pun intended) User Recommendation


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Colour Can Cause An Optical Illusion

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