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Why Are Hardly Any Of The Left Wing Female Activists Dolly Birds?

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dave50 | 15:39 Thu 04th Apr 2024 | Society & Culture
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They are always dressed in weird outlandish clothes and weird hairstyles. You never see traditional attractive women on these demonstrations and marches. It's like they think making an effort to appear attractive somehow undermines their cause. You can spot these types a mile off and you know instinctively what their views are. 



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Dolly birds?

What a twonk!

What rubbish, putting up such a daft hypothesis as fact. 

horrible post

because they don't want to attract people like you?

Cheer up, dave.

They probably wouldn't fancy you, anyway.

probably the same reason only ugly birds used to moan about page 3 girls!

The nasty misogynistic right at it again I see. Reported.

Question Author

So the term dollybird is upsetting some people, why?

It doesn't upset me - but then neither do wolf whistles or any of the other harmless things angry bra-burning feminists get their knickers in a knot over.   I can see why women don't go on marches dressed as though they're going clubbing though.  

Do you study these marches that closely dave?

I assume you have posted this for a bet ...

// So the term dollybird is upsetting some people, why //

It's not upsetting anyone. It dates you a bit that's all. People stopped using the term in about 1973.

Have you ever tried to knot hessian, naomi?

Asking for an itchy leftie.🤣

^That's true.  :o)

^that to tomus.


Just like inherent beauty, intrinsic ugliness starts on the inside and forces it's way to the surface. Envy, spite, and greed have a way of revealing themselves no matter how well camouflaged.  

"bra-burning feminists" OMG, what is this, a Woodstock reunion? Far out, maaan (or woman)

Don't be so nasty about dave50, Togo ...

Don't they do that any more, Jno?  

Togo; You're such a romantic! Do you really believe that physical beauty equals virtue?

Can we see a photo of you Togo? - to check your theory.

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Why Are Hardly Any Of The Left Wing Female Activists Dolly Birds?

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