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How Did We Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory?

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ToraToraTora | 18:07 Sat 06th Apr 2024 | Society & Culture
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In 2007 we got the smelly brainless moron emmitters of gasses out of the boozers, now they are back, what happened? I've been to 3 establishments this afternoon, 2 of which the air is thick with the vape excretions! Gawd, what happened? How did we ever get here?



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Since the smoking ban was introduced, I have never been into any pub/club where vaping has been permitted.Perhaps you are visiting 'low-end' battle-cruisers?
18:32 Sat 06th Apr 2024

you can read about the Doll research here, and I think there was a later RCP study too

It still took ages to restrict smoking, but that was always the rationale: you could kill yourself if you pleased but killing others was cause for banning it.

TTT, that's similar to something Steve Davis used to say when anyone asked "Do you mind if I smoke?" He would say "OK, as long as you don't mind if I fart"

But to be honest, I've never believed that passive smoking was harmful to anyones' health and I gave my reasons for that a couple of weeks ago on here.

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10cs, yes passive smoking is not good but I don't think it's truly harmfull. They used it as an excuse and great for getting the smelly bar tenders out of pubic places but lets not lie to ourselves. Whenever this subject comes up the smokers always say it's not harmful, fair enough but that is not the point. I don't want to breath in their excretions whether they are good bad or indifferent. That's a point they never seem to grasp.

Regardless of lit or unlit, or of health or non-health reasons, society finally got rid of (most) such antisocial behaviour, and yet then permitted unscrupulous immoral sellers to find a loophole and fill what was considered a gap in the market, when it should have been identified as a step forward for individual consideration of others.


So society as a whole failed to allow us to move forward. From tbat viewpoint it has been a defeat, and we now have to rely on individual premises applying rules to combat the missed opportunity. It should never have been left like that.

We all breathe air - some of it already breathed by others. It's only when it smells or tastes that it becomes obvious.

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yes dave, what is your point?

We don't really need any studies to tell us if breathing in smoke is bad for the smoker, it's bad for the non-smoker sitting a few feet from them.

It's research into the bleedin' obvious.

It was tolerated in the past because of the calming effect on users, especially when some loudmouth gob on a stick was holding for on this or that in a social setting, inviting three or four rapid to the ribs.

Drugs have filled the vacuum left.

People are blinkered - if they don't like the scientific-proven advice, they just "never believe it" and carry on along the path to ill-health. There's one example earlier in this thread.

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canary I don't care about health, this is not about health. this is about their smelly disgusting presence in places of social interaction.

it's  fairly easily resolved, you just don't frequent such places.  I can't stand the smell of fish shops, so I don't go near them, but I don't demand that they be banned.

I posted this a couple of weeks ago. Nobody gave any reasons why I might be wrong, probably because there aren't any.

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How Did We Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory?

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