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How Did We Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory?

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ToraToraTora | 18:07 Sat 06th Apr 2024 | Society & Culture
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In 2007 we got the smelly brainless moron emmitters of gasses out of the boozers, now they are back, what happened? I've been to 3 establishments this afternoon, 2 of which the air is thick with the vape excretions! Gawd, what happened? How did we ever get here?



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Since the smoking ban was introduced, I have never been into any pub/club where vaping has been permitted.Perhaps you are visiting 'low-end' battle-cruisers?
18:32 Sat 06th Apr 2024

Because everyone balances social acceptability and health concerns with what people want, and what makes money.

Money usually wins.

I thought Vaping was not allowed inside premises that are licensed.


Many (most?) major pub chains prohibit vaping on their premises.  e.g.

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RC: The Health Act 2006 prohibits smoking tobacco and other 'lit substances' in pubs.  However vaping doesn't use 'lit substances' and therefore isn't prohibited by law.  It's up to individual publicans (or their bosses, in the case of managed houses) to decide whether to allow vaping or not.  In my own experience, the vast majority don't.

Punters in my local (Wetherspoons) who wish to vape are very politely requested to go outside in no time or get barred. No problem.

Since the smoking ban was introduced, I have never been into any pub/club where vaping has been permitted.

Perhaps you are visiting 'low-end' battle-cruisers?

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18:32, it seems so, jack, I need to find some alternatives.

Addicts can't help themselves ...

My local railway station includes vaping in the no smoking signs.

get the mods on the job!

It's not just pubs. Try rugby games ...

oh my god they are Here ! - doing their work and making the thread better

I've never seen anyone vaping inside anywhere.

The places it isn't banned are very rare.

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18:24, how can there be a link? You think the BBC report on my Saturday afternoon activities? Use your loaf.

smoking wasn't restricted because it was smelly but because it was finally proved that it was killing non-smokers. Landlords can ban vaping for any reason they like but they may decide "because it's smelly" isn't reason enough. Is there any proof that vaping kills non-vapers?

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jno, rubbish, passive smoking has never been shown to be harmful and no doubt vapers would argue the same. unpleasant and smelly yes but untimately harmless to most. However I hate both with a passion but it's nothing to do with health concerns. I just object to having to breath in their excretions and endure the disagusting smell and detritus. Smokers had 100s of years to put their house in order they failed so it was done for them. Smokers/Vapers are the most inconsiderate selfish, arrogant, disgusting creatures and I don't see why the rest of us have to endure their habits.

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....and they have the cheek to have a song and dance when I drop one!

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How Did We Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory?

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