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Remembering How Bad Things Were Under The Last Labour Government

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Hymie | 22:32 Tue 28th May 2024 | Society & Culture
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·         NHS waiting times at a record low

·         NHS satisfaction at a record high

·         4.3 million children (30% of all UK children) in poverty in 2022/23, up from 3.6 million in 2010/11

·         National debt (as a percentage of GDP in 2010) 70%, now just under 100%

·         Net migration (into the UK) in 2010, circa 250k; current net migration circa 700k

[Whoever heard of food-banks back in 2010?]

Heaven help us if Labour wins the election on 4 July



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Good old Gordon Brown eh?  And Cardboard Blair, Brains Rayner and Bog-eyed Ed will wave their magic beers and all will be well.

Problem is Labour borrow their way out of trouble. 

Renegadefm, I think the Tories have done a lot of that too. 

Yes ,unfortunately the Tories had to borrow an awful lot of money in order to pay people  to survive during Covid. 

Yes, and paid a lot for their mates to provide inadequate protection for nurses and doctors 

How the network began

The first food bank in our network was created in a garden shed and garage in Salisbury in 2000. Seeing how many people needed emergency food, we carried out research into the UK-wide need for food banks and discovered that this was a nationwide problem.

In 2004, we founded the Trussell Trust Foodbank Network based on the successful Salisbury Foodbank model. Since then, we’ve partnered with churches and communities across the country to over 440 food banks.


Mass immigration is down to Blair when he destabilised the middle east due to his illegal war.


Define poverty


Define poverty? Probably something like  'the lest well off 30%' or something similar.

Iraq.  Afghanistan. Northern Rock.  Brown's Gold.  Knighting Fred Goodwin.  Browns tax bombshell.  Cash for honours.   Bigoted woman.  

No thanks- we remember it all too well.

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Remembering How Bad Things Were Under The Last Labour Government

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