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Is It Okay To Thrraten People Who Kneel For The American Flag?

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Cindy1302 | 08:54 Thu 30th May 2024 | Society & Culture
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I was on Facebook, and there was a photo of a guy standing with his hand on his chest. He was holding a sign that read "I stand for them, because they stood for me". Someone commented saying that they have just as much right to kneel as they do to stand for the flag. Some lady replied to the comment "don't stand around me, and see what happens". That sounded like a threat to me. Someone else said something similar, and she said "just stand around me, and you'll be okay". Another threat imo. Doesn't that kind or go against America being a free country, and attacking someone for exercising their right not to stand is part of what being an American means? I feel like threatening people for not standing for a flag is cultist behavior.



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I think you overthink things sometimes (or quite a bit)..... but maybe I'm overthinking this

Just the result of brainwashing.

In a truly free country everyone can say and do whatever they want

Maybe the person failing to "honour the flag" isn't even an American - how do they know?

I doubt it's for the flag's benefit; it's just a piece of cloth. One that apparently American kids are taught to pay homage and reverence to. A very strange thing to do.


While threats are not approved of in such circumstances the thing is that certain actions imply something different than other actions, due to past use of each. They become traditional and have meaning they need not have been given. Kneeling, at least on one knee, is now associated with racist activity, where one skin colour is given priority emphasis over all others. In such circumstances where homage is required, one can understand disagreement and possible conflict as a consequence if claiming a right to do otherwise.


The fact is that by, for example, teaching utter reverence to something, society inevitably builds in a limit to personal freedom, as a majority is programmed not to accept anything other than they were taught. Stop that and things might improve. Stop racism and things will get better too.

I deliberately tried to avoid that word, doug. Better you volunteer to take the flak 🙂

Not so bad these days, the cupboard gets increasingly bare, OG.

It's all a bit ridiculous, really, imo.

i =n all honesty, most people here are british.  We find the thought of standing/kneeling/hand on chesting/pledging for the flag a bit cultish in itself!

Please try to stop worrying about everything, do you have any hobbies?

Cindy, I'm an American who has lived in the UK fir half my life...34 years.

I too find pledging allegiance and everything else that goes with it very strange. America has become a very polarised country with a lot of outright intolerance...this in spite of a history of being "welcoming" to so many different groups.

Just be you...treat people as you believe they should be. Don't worry yourself over the crazies...its not worth it.

In a truly free country everyone can say and do whatever they want

agree with  that

There are taboo actions - burning the American flag for Americans. It is not for Brits ( when they burn the  union flag)

If they  wanna kneel let them. Presumably they are kneeling to a concept - rule of Law, liberty,democracy and not kneeling to a thing. Romans do this a lot - kneel in front of saints, virgins ( images of), crosses, crucifixes, pontiffs etc. 

this in spite of a history of being "welcoming" to so many different groups.

o god look at the welcome given to the wet and freezing crossing the Rio Grande....

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Is It Okay To Thrraten People Who Kneel For The American Flag?

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