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Why Did I Believe That?

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nailit | 20:16 Thu 25th May 2017 | Religion & Spirituality
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When I was 15, I became a Christian (of the born again type). A few years later I discovered sex and alcohol and the rest, as they say, is history. But joking apart, I am currently rereading the new testament (just finished the 4 gospels) and I have to ask myself, how the hell did I get in to such a ridiculous belief system? Its potty from start to finish.
I can put it down to the inexperience of youth I suppose but how on earth do some people carry this nuttiness with them throughout their life?
When I was in the church I was often berated for been to questionative and not having enough faith. Looking back, it was my saving grace.


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You were once a sheep and you learnt from your experiences and you are now a lion?
With me it wasn't Christianity so much, it was astrology and spiritualism. I still have my daft astrology books - hidden away in a cupboard now, used to go to a Spiritualist church and have readings done.
But you turned to alcohol so which is worse? Sorry but just wondering.
In youth we are looking to define ourselves and look to those things that include us in apparent unconditional acceptance.

Religion unfortunately isn't unconditional acceptance if you don't conform.

However I have never believed in a god of any description. As much as I might once have wanted to I just didn't experience blind faith.

At one time I would have said I was agnostic waiting for proof. But I got proof and still don't believe enough to want to subjugate myself to it.
You say you're rereading it, but did you read it when you were 15 or did other people, of the 'born again type' tell you what they think it says and evidence that by pointing you towards the odd verse here and there?
We all liked a good fairy story as kids, nailit.
237sj. Harsh?
No, I don't think so and Nailit is intelligent enough to consider such a question. What are your thoughts on the subject?

I skipped the bible and headed straight to the bar.
Although I must confess as a kid I did enjoy something called Jesus of Nazareth with Robert Powell.

Good luck with that, hc ... anne doesn't give thought on the subject out very willingly.
sj even ... was watching my horse run (I also succumbed to gambling)
I believe, as I always have, the Man as a species is uncomfortable with things he cannot explain, coupled with an inate desire not to be the superior species in the universe.

So since the dawn of time, Man has created worship, and it doesn't matter if the object of worship is the sun, or the moon, or God, or Mickey Mouse, the drive and reasoning is the same anywhere in the world at any time when Man has existed.

Some people derive comfort from such a support system, others do not.

Some worship a benign deity, some screw the teachings of their faith into line with their own psychosis.

If people believe, then it is not for me to say they are wrong, unless they use that belief to justify harm to others.

Faith, by definition, is belief in something which cannot be proved - and that helps some, and not others. I am one of the others.
Jesus of Nazareth - I think I have the DVD of that series somewhere. Robert Powell was fantastic in that,
coupled with an inate desire not to be the superior species in the universe.

I'm happy with being the superior species in the universe.
Wasn't Robert Powell married to Babs from Pans People?
Lovely eyes ... Robert Powell that is.
Question Author
No probs at all re: alcohol. I'd rather be a honest drunk than a deceived religionist.
Naomi, when I became a Christian I believed virtually everything that I was told. However, I always had an inquiring mind (even as a school kid) and was a voracious reader so naturally my reading turned to the bible. But faith and fact were worlds apart to me. It took a few years to see the scam for what it was but I got there.
Would I have been better off staying a Christian as opposed to having a life blighted by alcoholism, depression and prison??
I am myself now, for better or worse. I can be honest instead of a lifetime of pretence.
Honesty means more than self deceit to me.
^ Yes, he was very striking and very well cast
Strange the things folk lump together as if they were the same.
If nothing rings true for you about something, then reject it. Others find something in it.

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