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Why Do Non-Believers Spend Time In R & S

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nailit | 21:43 Fri 15th Mar 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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The constant complaint from the AB religious is why do us non-believers spend time and energy refuting the posts of the religious.
(it could be argued why do the religious post things knowing full well that AB is an open forum where they will get challenged to defend what they post)
Just curious as to why fellow unbelievers bother responding to the posts of the God Gang?
I have *my* own reasons. Not least because I love reason and uncomfortable as it may be at times...after spending time on the other side of the fence as a believer.




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Because it doesn’t take much to be spiritually enlightened and it doesn’t take a beleif to have faith

Its a good debate point, one that could go on forever because who knows, it’s a good one for the brain exsersize
Aren't you a non-believer, nailit?
Just read the rest of your post.

I don't think I spend much time in here at all.
I have reached the conclusion that different people need different things from AB and this topic in particular - a point I should have accepted a while ago.

So I'll keep out of here more.
I think that I have still got hope that I might be able to get someone to think for themself. It hurts me to see people not trying to figure out the world. Why do people prefer to believe old books written by prophets when they could believe me instead? I understand how the old prophets felt; nobody believes me, they insist on believing the old traditions. Ah, well; perhaps in a thousand years there will be Nailitians persecuting Thelandians, and both feeling righteous.
It is my observation that * the god gang* rarely post in this topic.
Question Author
/It is my observation that * the god gang* rarely post in this topic//
Your 'observation' might need some fine tuning!
you dont have to be religious to be spiritual
Bednobs, what does spiritual mean?
Spiritual means you went to thailand bought some harem pants rode an elephant and had a beach party where you met ‘Craig’ who showed you MDMA and made you believe in a higher sense of purpose
I suppose coming to this section is the equivalent of Victorian trips to places like Bethlem.
If topics show on the front page and in latest posts, does one care where they're posted as long as it interests ?
To try and escape the 'Brexit Gang'!
I seem to recall this question being asked not so long ago.

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Why Do Non-Believers Spend Time In R & S

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