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Biblical Time Machine

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nailit | 19:31 Mon 25th Mar 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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If a time machine was invented and you could travel back to the time that Jesus walked the Earth (presuming that he did) what question would you ask him as a believer or non-believer of religion?

Personally, I think that I would like to ask why he choose to appear, die and resurrect in a small, insignificant part of the world when he could have appeared, died and resurrected in the 21st century and everyone could have filmed and documented his existence, death and resurrection on their cell phones for ALL to see rather than having to rely on unreliable ancient texts of tribal goat herders..

But that's ^^ my question. What would you ask?


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I think that's a keeper.
As far as I'm concerned there isn't one.

He's just a bloke that ever more unbelievable stories were told about him as time went by.
Why he chose to leave the bliss of Heaven to save mankind? Does He believe we are worth it?
I would want to ask 'why now?' Why wait till the year 0, i.e, 2000 years ago to send Jesus down from heaven to sort things out. People had been sinning and generally carrying on long before that.
plenty of prophets had been trying to sort them out long before that, Muntin. But they just kept right on worshipping the golden calf and so forth.
Question Author
//plenty of prophets had been trying to sort them out long before that//

Would that be the prophets that kept on getting things wrong?
their prescriptions might not have been much to the taste of modern believers (though I think Leviticus called for those who use their mobiles during meals to be put to death). Still, that stuff about not coveting your neighbour's ox made sense at the time.
Question Author
Ah, you don't have a reply then?
Fair enough !
Right, fair play to the prophets for trying. But why not send a 'Jesus' type son of god earlier than that, before it all started to go so horribly wrong?
I expect Theland will appear amongst any time now with a recommendation for a video we can watch to answer our questions.
Nailit, //I would ask “Who are you?”//

///*Gets popcorn* and waits for the muslims, JW's, and fundies to fight it out ;-) ///

Exactly. Three different versions. Logic dictates they can't all be right.

(I suspect they're all wrong).

Atheist, mine was a sensible question.
I think the first question i'd ask him is, "Just how freakin' gullible is you dad, Joseph?"
A touch impertinent for a first meeting, at least Naomi's question was polite and a good one too.

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