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This Really S Ridiculous.

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locust | 16:53 Tue 08th Feb 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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14:25 Thu 15th Apr 2021 This really s ridiculous. Who constructs a plan which obliges him to pay a ransom to himself? It makes no sense whatsoever.

////know me where in the bible does it say god is jesus- or jesus is god if you look {colossias2.12} {ACT 7.55.56} IF-if ? jesus was god he would he took up his rifle place he would have not stood at the right hand of god he would sat on his loyal throne position ?The Emphasized Bible {Hebrews 12.2}2 Looking away unto our faith’s Princely-leader and perfecter Jesus,—Who in consideration of the joy lying before him Endured a cross, shame despising! And on the right hand of the throne of God hath taken his seat. ? as imperfect people we may not appreciate the perfect arrangement from someone like the creator who is perfect


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My understanding of the claim is that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all God. Is that not so ?
Obviously Locusts belongs to one of the Christian organisations that don’t believe in the Trinity, OG. I have asked him which sect he belongs to but, as yet, have received no response so it’s not clear where he’s coming from. It would help to know.

Locusts, it’s ridiculous for an omnipotent God who makes the rules and can do exactly as he wishes to require any sort of payment in order to offer human beings salvation … isn’t it? Why would he need to do that?
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If I was a theologian, (Im not)
I would have to agree with locusts.
The entire premise of a triune God is both ridiculous and unbiblical.

But I'm not a theologian.
Im a rationalist.
And its all bunk anyway.

Many authors of the new testament, all with their own theologies.
St Pauls theology was very different from the other Epistle writers theology .
The synoptic writers all had a very different Jesus than that of John.
It goes on and on...
So many different doctrines, thats why there are so many different churches/movements/sects/cults/doctrines etc
Nailit; "So many different doctrines..."
And so many killings carried out to punish those with the 'wrong' doctrine. What would Jesus have thought about all that, and about all the wealth and power amassed by the religions which arose?
//My understanding of the claim is that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all God. Is that not so ? //

You'd have to do a lot of backflips, u-turns and general misunderstandings of scripture to come to that conclusion O-G....
It all comes from the Council of Nicaea 325.
It was what was taught in Sunday school, and probably school too if I can recall back that far.
//It was what was taught in Sunday school, and probably school too if I can recall back that far//

Nowhere taught 'Explicity' in the Bible O-G.
Though MIGHT be implied in a rather indirect way depending on what you read.
Became dogma in 4th Century under Constantine who needed to unite his divided (Religious) Empire.
Those that dissented were put to death.
Hence, The Catholic Church and all its decendants...Protastants etc.

(Always amazes me how little people know of their own religious persuasion)
Atheist, English is not locust’s first language. Patience if you please.
What is locusts first language?
I’ve no idea, sorry tomus:
no, this really is ridiculous:
I don't think locust is a real person Naomi.
Is Peter Pedant Stanley Unwins speech writer?
Tomus, That’s been said about several of the people who come here to preach. I really don’t know but it wouldn’t surprise me if they are computer generated.
Can see no heart here, only the word if''
erm is he saying that Jesus is God or not?

anyway the proles and atheists on AB deny the Gospels ( any of the four) are contemporary documents in the first place

Trinity man: the latin is trinitarius - but there is no new testament Greek word because it was never discussed.

All the Christians ( christ geddit?) accept Christ is the son of God. Mormons are not christian because they accept a book which is nowhere near the canon of the Bible

All this is way above the usual tenor of discussion on AB
Did you get the discussion last week by one of the Great Thinkers - (AB neo platonists perhaps) - Q: "troof, is it 2 foot 6 inches or 2 ft 9 in den?" - Ans none - it is metaphysical and so doesnt have length of breadth

Jesus as someone once said

Trinity ws a big deal around 300-400AD - see Athanasius ( saint that is!) who managed to get deposed up to SIX times. And wiki on " duh trindy" and bits on the Nicene and Constantinopolitan creed

Unitarians manage to say that they are Christian but not trinitarian, (3) but one ( unit - geddit?)

have fun

I would make a lot more money if I were
( stanley unwins speech writer)

I think the main difference between myself and the average Aber is that I managed to complete secondary school
//All the Christians ( christ geddit?) accept Christ is the son of God. //

No they don't.
God is three in 1, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If you do not believe Jesus is God you are not a Christian it is as simple as that.
That is putting it bluntly but that is the way you sometimes have to put it

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This Really S Ridiculous.

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