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Life After Death Impossible?

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fender62 | 16:06 Sun 03rd Sep 2023 | Religion & Spirituality
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just a thought, over the centuries and now, people have reported thye have seen spirits ghosts etc.. are they all lying or hallucinating, even some renowned people have said they have seen a ghost ghosts etc, i tend to believe they exist or something strange is going on.


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It is possible for anyone to believe something, but that does not make it true.

Many people believe the earth is flat, science proves it is not, but those people would pass a polygraph because they believe that the earth is flat, even though proof exists to the contrary.

Similarly, people who believe they have 'seen' a spirit or ghost, believe the reality of their experiences, but that in itself is not proof that their experience was genuine.

I keep an open mind on the subject.
There is a rational explanation for all ghost sightings etc.
I once went to have my fortune told. The lady asked me if I spoke any languages other than English. I hesitated, because I wasn't sure whether to say 'German and Dutch' or 'two'. Whilst I hesitated, she wrote '2' on her notepad. When I asked how she knew that I spoke two languages, she pointed upwards, and said, "He told me." I didn't ask who 'he' was, but I don't suppose it was a ghost.
I think a new word/phase is needed. Life is what we have here between birth and death. If we discover after death that we still exist as some spiritual energy form then clearly that existence is different to life where one needs a physical body to get us around the place.
Question Author
interesting topic, if were energy and that energy cannot be destroyed
but assumes anoterh form of energy then what, so if were not just a meat sack, but have said energy within us...what then..
You remember how it was before you were born? Well that's how it's going to be after you die.
How can you prove that Tomus?
Every single person will live for ever after death, the only question is where will you be
Fiveleaves - I refer you to my answer.

What you believe does not make what you believe fact, unless it's proven.

Life after death remains what you believe, not a fact.
//Every single person will live for ever after death, the only question is where will you be//

Well you will never get to heaven if you don't die first. :-)
//Every single person will live for ever after death, the only question is where will you be //
Some months back,
I had exactly the same sort of conversations with some street preachers who were asking this same question.

I asked why do you presume that we will go anywhere?
Where does your internet go when you log off?

Its presumtious to assume that we go anywhere.
Where do you go when you are unconscious or asleep fiveleaves?

//Every single person will live for ever after death//
Except that the Bible doesn't teach that either.
It tells us that the wages of sin is DEATH.
Not everlasting LIFE in torment.

There are 31,102 verses in the protestant Bible.
Give me just one that points to the idea that EVERYONE
lives after death...
Bookbinder, what else did the fortune teller tell you, and was any of it accurate?
Its only impossible to prove scientifically.
I have never seen a ghost.
I have, however, experienced things that are inexplicable - sometimes in company of others and entirely unexpectedly. E.g. in the kitchen at my birth home, with sister and friend sitting around the table and Mum washing-up at the sink in the corner. An egg-cup sailed from the back shelf of the dresser in a parabolic curve and clattered to the floor near the sink. There had been no paranormal talk - we'd been out for a walk with the dogs. No-one was near - we all saw it - Mum was frightened out of her wits when it clattered down.

There have been other occasions of oddities - enough to confirm that there are more powers than the everyday, to say the least.

Question Author
i was walking down a set of old metal stairs on my way to the local dock, on the steps man in old style clothes passed me on the stps in the middle of them, at the bottom i looked up the stairs and he was gone... he should have been still walking up them as he was walking very slowly where as i was walking down fast, i could no foot steps either.. weird ehh
Minty from GMEB would have contributed well here .. she and friends go ghost-hunting in old castles, mansions etc.
"Every single person will live for ever after death, the only question is where will you be"

Will heaven be full of people like you?
Matthew 15 describes a display of supernatural power to the benefit of man and that glorified God.
30 And great multitudes came unto him [Jesus], having with them those that were lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and many others, and cast them down at Jesus’ feet; and he healed them:
31 Insomuch that the multitude wondered, when they saw the dumb to speak, the maimed to be whole, the lame to walk, and the blind to see: and they glorified the God of Israel.
Believers seeking fellowship with God and Jesus Christ desire to have miracles in our lives every day. However, living in a world ruled by Satan, it is possible to see counterfeit supernatural happenings.
II Corinthians 2
11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.
One deception exposed as counterfeit in the scriptures is the false idea that there could be consciousness after death. I Samuel 28:7-25 Details the record of the woman of Endor sought out by Saul. She was controlled by an evil "familiar spirit" and impersonated the dead Samuel. Saul was deceived and convinced he had spoken with Samuel, disturbing him in his grave. He did not experience God's power in this situation.
By continuing in the scriptures, we can enjoy miracles that glorify God. In sharing our knowledge of the truth, we can also help our fellow man not be deceived by the counterfeit.
That's right that's right that's right that's right
I really love your counterfeit.
Why don't you deceitful evangelists go back to the street corners where you belong ?

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Life After Death Impossible?

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