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Is The Climate Disaster Here?

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goodlife | 11:11 Wed 06th Mar 2024 | Religion & Spirituality
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Your link isn't working, goodlife.


What climate disasater are you talking about then?

There have been, and always will be, climate related disasters.

If you mean are four men and their horses are on their way then no.

And you wont need an Ark either so put the saw down.

Regulars will know that our resident Doom Monger will be along shortly to remind us, again, that we are all ... er ... doomed.

Sorry about the broken link.

I'm not going to fix it because I am going to use it as an example for our techies. 

Beautiful here, and this morning the apple and mirabelle blossoms have both burst forth.  Climate disaster ?

If China keep killing sharks at the rate they are doing ( just for their fins by the way) and dumping the rest overboard, then trouble in one way or the other is sure to show sooner or later.

No, no such thing.


Question Author

none so blind  as those who don't  won't see.

None so thick as those who can't write a grammatically correct sentence. (Oh - and those who believe some mystical being created everything in 7 days!)

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Is The Climate Disaster Here?

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