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Is This The Beginng Of The End

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locust | 14:08 Thu 04th Apr 2024 | Religion & Spirituality
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Wars famines earthquakes which was predicted in the holy writings
       2 Peter .2:9  Luk.21:26.People will become faint out of fear 
        Mt 24:22     RE .19.15, 
 And nother earthquake bigger - one after a another ?,Than ever, now we have four Wars going on around us .can't we now see the impact of this serious events coming up on us . And also China keeps threatening what he will do in the future.



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Locust - There are not two groups of Christians , God only recognises those who have received his Son as Christians.

Jesus was not resurrected as a "spirit creature" He is divine part of the Trinity, 100% God. He was resurrected because death could not hold Him

I have met people who have got out of the JW's and are happy in Churches receiving true Bible teaching. I implore you to find a decent Church full of true believers in Jesus

With fiveleaves and locust at sixes and sevens over who's got the right method for finding favour with God, all we need now is a Catholic, a Jew and a Muslim to confirm that both Fiveleaves and Locust, together with their current companions are all wrong.  Meanwhile, the atheist who doesn't consider himself particularly special, who doesn't give his kids the heebie jeebies with tales of the big watchful eye in the sky waiting to mete out punishment, who doesn't become the voice of doom to those who dare to think differently, who doesn't live his life dwelling on death, and who expects no special treatment or favours ....looks on bemused at the whole sorry shambles that is religion.  

Fiveleaves and locust - both so sure you're right - but you can't both be right - so what would it take to change your mind?

I wonder if this thread will still be running when The End hits us.

Don't know - but I'll be very surprised if locust and fiveleaves answer my question.  

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locust . ( My) .. food is to do the will of him who sent me. —John 4:34.

The churches of christendom have failed in their Teachings of Truth??.

Breaking Free From False Religion-

What do we learn from Jesus’ words at Matthew 4:10 .By his reply, not only did Jesus reject false religion but he also showed what true religion involves. For it is written, ‘It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service.’” (Matthew 4:10)

It would appear, however, on the basis of the history of mythology and religion, that before this dispersal of mankind by Jehovah, Satan had instilled into the minds of his worshipers certain fundamentals of false religion. These included the religious concepts of survival of a soul after death, fear of the dead, and existence of an infernal underworld, together with the worship of innumerable gods and goddesses, some of whom were grouped into triads. Such beliefs were carried to the ends of the earth by the various linguistic groups. With the passage of time, these basic ideas underwen variations. But by and large, they form the fabric of false religion in all parts of the world. Although thwarted in his attempt to create one united false religion with its world capital in Babylon, Satan settled for diverse forms of false worship, which were of Babylonian inspiration and designed to divert worship from Jehovah to himself. Babylon continued for centuries to be an influential center of id false religion olatry, magic, sorcery, and astrology —all essential components of. Not surprisingly, the book of Revelation symbolizes the world empire of false religion as a filthy harlot named Babylon the Great. Revelation 17:1-5.

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King Solomon wrote that “the dead know nothing at all.” The dead cannot love or hate, and “there is no work nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom in the Grave.” (Read Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, 10.) And at Psalm 146:4, the Bible tells us that when someone dies, “his thoughts” die.

( The Doom of false Religion )

WOULD you be happy if you knew that in a very short while there would be no false religion practiced upon the earth? Think of the unity and peace this would bring about! Today the various religions of the world are trying to unite; they are trying to find some common basis on which there can be unity, but have found none. If you are a student of history you well know that a great part of the bloodshed on the earth has been because of religion. Take, for example, the Crusades and the Thirty Years’ War. Consider also the suffering and torture of countless numbers of people, for instance, in the time of the Inquisition. These wars were not because of the true religion of God. Jesus stated the principle by which we can be sure of this: “By their fruits you will recognize them.” The works and results were not the peaceful fruitage of the spirit. The mere claim does not make one a follower of Christ, as he declared: “Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will
The god of this world, Satan the Devil, has blinded the eyes of the people and has kept them in darkness. (2 Cor. 4:4) Jesus was right when he said concerning the scribes and Pharisees, the religious leaders of his day: “Blind guides is what they are. If, then, a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matt. 15:14) Unfortunately, too many people allow the ministers of the various religious denominations in Christendom to do their thinking for them. It would be far better to study the Bible yourself than to be led astray by false religion. Most people let their clergy do their praying too, and this praying is usually a reading of prayers from some pages of the prayer book. The audience in a religious assembly is not encouraged to express itself. There is no “interchange of encouragement.” How different from Jesus’ day

//Fiveleaves and locust - both so sure you're right - but you can't both be right//

But they can both be wrong 😁...

Go for it Nailedit, give 'em hellπŸ˜‡


This god chap loves the old lengthy cut-and-pastes don't he?


No, this is the Beginning Of The End:


Locust, copying and pasting someone else's words is very unlikely to impress anyone.  Don't you realise that another human being wrote all that?  Why do you think he knows more than anyone else?  He's not special.  We all have the same information available to us. 

We have reached the ultimate conclusion on the site - two fervents, each copying and pasting as though their lives depended on it, each equally deluded, and each determined to completely ignore the other.

Why either of them think, after all these years, that they have made one iota of difference to the views of anyone, that's anyone at all, who posts on here, is a mystery.

They keep knocking, and we are all at home, we just don't care to open the door in case they come in and we can't get rid of them!

Where in scripture is Hell mentioned?

And Limbo or Purgatory?

Question Author

SANDROS. Where in scripture is Hell mentioned?

And Limbo or Purgatory?

LOCUST .yes you are correct. there is no place in the Bible which says. Hellfire or purgatory.a place of destruction for humans after they die. what does the Bible really tell us .about those who have died and falling in death. Jesus used to turn when he was going to see his friends Lazarus he is sleeping .it turned sleeping is not meaning eternal death, as you will recognize from what Jesus is telling us from the holy writings.

So we must ask ourselves. what is the question on death.???



An Enemy of Everlasting Life


Satan .is misleading the entire inhabited earth.” (Revelation 12:9) ...He would like to mislead us too.

2 Corinthians 11:14 And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps disguising himself as an angel of light.


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Is This The Beginng Of The End

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