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Latest Tv Licence Scam.

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Togo | 20:14 Mon 14th Jan 2019 | Spam & Scams
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I have just received the latest scam...….Even more dangerous than the previous ones. The message just has a header TRANSFER INFORMATION ACKNOWEDGEMENT 8359707 followed by...this in a grey box inviting download, save or preview.


Do non of those things report and block.


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Even better, just don't buy a tv licence. I never did (when I had a tv that is)
(I'll get me coat and wait for the backlash...)
Why don't you just pay by DD.
Oh, did you never buy a licence, Nailit? You've never mentioned that....
Question Author
Lol Nails....If it was left to me I wouldn't either. "She who must be obeyed" however will not tread that path although agreeing with the principle. It is easy for us to spot as it is done monthly by DD. It would appear that these TV licence scams emanate in the US so they obviously do not understand our methods of payment, or non payment, anyway.
//Oh, did you never buy a licence, Nailit? You've never mentioned that.//
Must be my alzehiemers!!!

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Latest Tv Licence Scam.

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