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Real magrid.
The sacking season kicked off then.
Gary Lineker:

"Tim Sherwood has been sacked by Spurs. He's opinionated, bombastic and refreshingly different. Hope to see him in charge of a Premier League club soon."
By the start of next Season, half the Clubs in the Prem will have new Managers.
The Owners of some of these Clubs need to take a good look at themselves as they are to blame for their Club's demise.
Former Albion First-Team Coach returns to The Hawthorns

ALBION are delighted to announce the appointment of Terry Burton as Technical Director.

As soon as any candidate hears from the Chairman we have no money to spend and they don't sign anyone the "sporting director" does most would turn the job down.
Moyes? No chance.

Pepe Mel went to the local press on Friday saying what he wanted to do and how many he wanted to sign..Sacked on Monday.
Be careful throwing stones in the greenhouse, Tonyav
Got to agree with that, Mighty WBA, how can any manager / chief coach ( in WBA's case ) manage his side when any signings are taken out of his hands. And as you say, Jeremy Peace does seem to like the free and loan signings.
running a football club, esp in the premier is an expensive business. the 3 relegated clubs from the premier will struggle financially next season.
WBA fans should be pleased a manager of Moyes quality is being linked with their club.

He may have failed at ManU but did a good job while at Everton

WBA are a poor side who were lucky to avoid relegation this season, their annual relegation battle awaits again next season
Agree with Joe. Moyes would be a great fit for WBA. They would be lacky to get him.
and a "good moaning" from Officer Crabtree
Lol. lucky!
Without being disrespectful to West Brom, I do think Moyes would create more stability for them.
Just noticed your answer Joe Luke and must correct you on you saying our "annual relegation battle"
Before this season when we finished 17th(we were never in the bottom 3 and that was the lowest position we occupied) WBA finished 11th 10th and 8th.
That's very good for us I can assure you, considering we spend nothing compared to everyone else in the greed league.

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Oh No, Oh No, Not Moyes!

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