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I think it will be Malky Mackay, sir p.
No way tony, Malky's coming back to Norwich.
LOL, hope your right, Canary. I have a feeling that the Baggies manager was sacked ! yesterday in the hope of snatching Malky from the Canaries.
So what you saying... Moyes is good enough for Man United but not good enough for West Brom. Woah standards have changed in the Midlands I may even risk popping into a cafe again.
LOL, Arksided, any manager is to good for the Baggies.
Question Author
It's time these club chairmen began to understand football. Very few managers can claim to be the inspiration to their team. The result of a game is due to the efforts of the players rather than the manager. There are very few like Tony Pulis.

Baggies are about to fill the 'hot seat' for the fourth time in less than two years. That's not the way to do it.
A bit pedantic I know but the Baggies have taken to calling what most clubs call the manager the chief coach.
Club chairmen do understand MODERN football - it's big business, not sport.
Question Author
Canary - maybe so. But to be successful in big business one must have the best players - not necessarily the best manager.
Should have stuck it out with Steve Clarke, he's a good Coach
Yeah he is, Red. However Jeremy Peace likes cheap !.
Everyone's after a quick fix Tony, rarely works !
I know, Red, but Jeremy keeps trying lol.
The news says that Hughton has got the West Brom job!!
Has that just been announced, Ninnynanny ?.
Question Author
I cannot see that an apointment has yet been made.

Is Big Ron Atkinson free?
Is Big Ron Atkinson free?

LOL, they couldn't do any worse, sir p.
Sir.P. I believe he is, last I heard of Big Ron he was in the big brother house. I'm unsure whether or not he's retired from football though.
First signing for Ron would be Cyril !.
Tim Sherwood sacked as Tottenham manager and on his way to...?

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Oh No, Oh No, Not Moyes!

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