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Winter Games Day -18

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joggerjayne | 10:57 Mon 20th Jan 2014 | Sport
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Of course we have lots of fab athletes going to the Winter Games.

But our spiritual figurehead ... is Chemmy.

A bit of a bug bear of mine is that the British Olympic authorities will spend £Bn's (literally) hosting the Games, but won't even divvy up to send our team to Sochi. I mean, what the f***!

So, while teams from other countries are concentrating on training, Chemmy is concentrating on raising enough money from donations and sponsorship to pay for her travel, hotel rooms, nutrition, etc.

I made a donation, so maybe Chemmy will have an AnswerBank sponsorship logo on her ski suit. And if anyone wants to go to the Games, you can stay in the AB sponsored bedroom. But you'll have to share with Chemmy and me. Sorry.

Anyway, that's my morning rant. All the billions that we throw at sports ... we should be paying for our Winter Games stars to go to Sochi.

E. Sussex


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Oh, sorry, shoota.

Well, there's always the donation page on Chemmy's own site ...
Question Author
AB sends Chemmy to the Games, lol

We definitely need the AB logo on her ski suit.
Put it on her ab's.....
Question Author
Ohhhhh, very good !!

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Winter Games Day -18

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