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Cricket - T20 World Cup

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sunny-dave | 12:37 Wed 26th Oct 2022 | Sport
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Ireland v England today at the MCG

Spoliers follow


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Great win for Ireland – they fell away a bit after a great start when batting (102-1 in just 12 overs became 157 all out) – but they bowled well and England were woeful with the bat.

Just possible that Moeen was digging them out of a deep hole (87-5), but the rain hissed down a few minutes later (it is Australia in the summer – what a daft time to play cricket) when England were 105-5 and the magic DLS method said that they were five runs behind the notional target for the balls bowled.

The group looks very open now – so I'll be up early on Friday for the IRE-AFG and ENG-AUS double header.

New Balls and a pint of Guinness please :-)
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Highlights on Sky Mix (which I think is a non-premium channel) at 5pm this afternoon
it's not summer in Australia, at best it's early spring (would you be playing international cricket in the northern hemisphere in April?) and they're undergoing a really bad La Nina year down the east coast. The other match today was completely rained off.

Brief highlights here if you want them

Question Author
Thanks for the highlights link, jno.

I was being facetious about 'summer' - but it is a daft time to play cricket - there is a reason that most Ashes series start in December.
Can someone explain why Moeen Ali is often referred to as, "Moeen" in print and in speech, rather than "Ali"?

I cannot recall a commentator saying "Ian coming in to bowl" when reffering to Ian Botham, for example.
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I think it comes down to personal preference - and practicality - when Moeen Ali was at Worcestershire CC there were (at least) two other players with Ali as a second name.

Some scorecards name him as Ali, some as Moeen and some give both names.

Imran Khan was a similar example.
wasim akram too was called Wasim rather than Akram
I had forgotten about Wasim Akram and others so is there a cultural reason for that particular use?
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At least we get one win in the group of death ...
Bring on the Afghans
Who I am sure we beat not that long ago ...
it's the group of death by drowning at this rate. Bring on sunny Queensland.
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Squeaky bum time now - Ireland played well (including giving England a good stuffing), but are on the plane home.

England need to beat Sri Lanka tomorrow morning to qualify for the semi-finals - NZ already through and Aus will qualify if England lose or are rained off (again).

Other group is more open - probably India and the Saffers, but Pakistan still have a chance if either of those two slip up.
SL now hold the fate of both England and Australia in their hands. Should be ineresting. I am on general principle always happy to see any or all of the self-described Big Three thrashed but alas one of them will go through tomorrow whatever happens. The Aussies got quite the fright today.
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Yes - it was an interesting last 20 minutes or so, jno

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Cricket - T20 World Cup

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