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Little things.....

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Perhaps he is friends with Fanny Chmelar ?

Why should he?  It's a common name in Germany and has no rude connotations 

There's a piece of scientific euipment named after a man with the same name:


It's not an uncommon surname in Germany:


there is indeed - A level physics to revise his measurement of the speed of conduction of sound. It involves a long tube ( C's tube) with lycopodium powder ( finest pollen apparently)

the pollen makes piles - WW where the sound waves are minimal, and this allows you to  estimate the V the speed of sound - the pollen is light and has minimal mass/inertia to minimise its effect.

I got a C in physics 1965 I have no idea why

My brother's and my own, name for Mrs Mopp who lived under the bed was Charlie Kunz ( rhymes with muns, whatever a mun is)

and you used to be able to buy Kunzle cakes once.

When I visited Vienna I breathlessly reported there was a Charlie Kunz museum, no less

more usually spelt Kunst Historisches Museum

Question Author

Talking about laughable words,(yeh little things) my Spanish nephew embarrassed his mum 1st time she took him to London zoo! As soon as saw a seal, he shouted at the top of his voice mammy mammy " f???, f???" You can look up the word in Google translate. His mum wasn't very pleased.

In Flemish, there's Kunst and it means Arts. There's a stop on their Brussels metro system near the Aveue Louise and the Chausée Wavre called 'Wet Kunst' - wet meaning place....massive sniggers for one mother and sister when they visited me - and for other hordes of English speakers.

i would imagine it's pronounced kooooonts

In Flemish or Dutch, K-euu-nts

//Why didn't he change his name ? //

You could also ask the same of Donald Trump.

Quinton de Kock


Just saying.

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What An Unfortunate Man!

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