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How Can I Get Skinny And Have Definiton Wile Only Using 1, 2, And 5 Lb Weights?

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drobi619 | 19:37 Thu 21st Sep 2023 | Sport
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I only own weights that are 1-5 lb and things like a jump rope and some bands. How can I work on losing weight and gaining defintion with the equitment I have here at home? There is no restricton to what I can do as the only thing that is the issue right now is the fact that I am over weight. I am a 5 foot female who is 29 years old and around 170lb. I do own a cruser bike but where I live gets snow so I cant use it 6 months of the year. I also only live like 4km from work. Please give me some thoughts as I am an individual who would like to gain more definition in my figure.



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definition is achieved by losing fat.

you can do lots of exercises using light weights like yours or even no weights- sit ups, push ups, burpee's, skipping, running, stretching, walking briskly...

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Hailee Steinfeld would be my ideal body goal if I could get there.

The simple answer is to burn off more than you eat.

You can do all the exercises you want, but if you're putting in more calories than you burn off, then you'll never lose weight.

I'd start with your diet first, trying to incorporate healthy foods and try and cut out snacks and treats inbetween meals and then have a look at some kind of fitness regime.

The solution is simple ..... if only it was so easy to stick to, we'd all be slim and super healthy.

Good luck  :)

Eat less

All the diet/nutrition aspects were covered in drobis recent post asking for advice on lunches and giving details of other meals

Unfortunately, saying eat less sends a lot of young women in particular on drastic calorie counting diets. I can remember trying to feel satisfied on 1,000 calories..."filling up" with lettuce leaves and cucumber. Eat good protein, dairy, healthy fats, and non starchy veg to feel satiated. 

Forgot to ask...can you walk to work? Good exercise and if done daily can help with toning up, and fat loss.

Eating less, or more sensibly to be more accurate, is the solution. If folk can not determine when they have done enough that isn't the fault of spreading the truth. That's a mental issue.

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How Can I Get Skinny And Have Definiton Wile Only Using 1, 2, And 5 Lb Weights?

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