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johntywino | 16:57 Thu 10th May 2012 | Computers
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My (paid) Norton security ran out a bit ago, and I came here for advice...It was recommended that I take up Avast anti virus and Zone alarm,which I did.....It was SO Ssslooow that after a week I couldn't stand it any longer and bought the new Norton internet security (for 3 machines) from e bay for £15. To me this is an excellent investment as at my age I cannot afford to tear out any more of my hair. ! To the chap that recommended Avast ! , thanks, but no thanks..... John.


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There's one born every minute!

The problem was that your original Norton installation was never thoroughly removed.

It leaves behind booby traps for subsequent installations of rival AVs.

Cleaning up expired Norton installations has been a nice little earner for me over the years.

I can assure others less ready to fork out $$$ that Avast (and indeed ZoneAlarm, if you insist) are both perfect serviceable.
....'perfectly', even ;)
I'm quite happy with my Norton johnty...................never had any problems with it, and never had any viruses either.
I couldn't agree more! Norton Internet Security remains tarred by its abysmal reputation and, though the latest version is better (it couldn't have got any worse!), I don't know any IT professional who would touch it with a bargepole.
Succinctly put, Mark!

Yes, Norton can be fine as long as you keep coughing up. It's when you decide to decamp that your troubles begin!
I'm quite happy to keep coughing up :-)
Like Craft, I'm happy to cough up too. Shame on me eh?!

I wouldn't have the time or skills to strip out my Norton and like my car or my washing machine, I prefer to be the an end user (or turnip depending on how you see it) of a reliable product without spending anytime at all on the mechanics.

Now give me a packet of seeds and I'll grow you a row of beautiful turnips but ask me to spend time loading or deleting software and I'd have to bow out.
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At £15 to cover 3 machines (wife's and Daughters laptops) it's not coughing up a lot for 12 months peace of mind,! I,m afraid there's no little earner for you from THIS old codger postrophe,but there's probably plenty more fish in the sea !!!.

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