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Which Internet Security?

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lyall | 00:40 Fri 28th Mar 2014 | Computers
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As my computer runs Windows XP I have read with interest the threads concerning the withdrawal of security support from April 8th.

I have been told that I don’t HAVE to change to Windows 8 or buy a new computer as Microsoft emails have frightened me into believing. I do not have to change from Windows XP at all. All I need to do is change my internet security from Microsoft Security Essentials to another company.

My brother in law recommended AVG, I changed a week ago and I must say I really do not like it. I keep getting asked for money even though I downloaded the FREE AVG. My local college I.T. department today recommended a Pc security called Comodo, as I was unhappy with AVG. Does anyone here use Comodo, is it easy to use? does it keep asking for money every time you turn the computer on? Or can anyone recommend a PC security?

Any new security will be going on a desktop computer using Windows XP with Microsoft Office 2007 and Mozilla Firefox which up till now has been using Microsoft Security Essentials & Malwarebytes Anti Malware for security with no problems.


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>>>I keep getting asked for money even though I downloaded the FREE AVG

I suspect that either you've downloaded a trial of the full (paid for) AVG security suite or you've downloaded from a dodgy site.

However, after using AVG for years, I ditched it when I found that it had started slowing my computer's performance. I now use the 'Essential' (= free) edition of Avast
which I'm happy with.

In addition to an anti-virus program you also need a firewall. Many people are happy to use the one that's built into Windows XP (and enabled by default) but some people prefer to use a (free) alternative. Comodo has long been one of the best suppliers of such a firewall:
(Use the right-hand link).
However Comodo has more recently also become known for its free anti-virus software, which offers an alternative to MSE, AVG or Avast:
(Again, use the right-hand link).

Reviews of anti-virus programs in computer magazines never seem to agree upon which is the best product but 'Avast' seems to be the 'flavour of the month' with several of them at the moment (although I've also seen Comodo well-reviewed).

However you should note the following:
1. You should only ever have ONE anti-virus program on our computer. Two or more can cause software conflicts.
2. You should only ever have ONE firewall running on your computer, for the same reason.
3. You also need anti-malware software but you've already got the best anyway (Malwarebytes).
4. You can have as many 'run on demand' anti-malware programs as you like as they can't conflict with each other. So you can add further anti-malware programs if you like.
5. While Microsoft are withdrawing support for XP, per se, they are NOT withdrawing support for Microsoft Security Essentials which will CONTINUE to work with XP. (However MSE failed quite a few independent security tests last year, forcing Microsoft to admit that it's not as good as they'd want it to be, so it might still be best to ditch it anyway).
@Buenchico......How does one cope with the fact that installing free Avast, also puts Google Chrome into one's computer and removal of GC results in being pestered by Avast to install GC.

No way do I wish to know Google as a Browser or Search Engine. A recent update of GC put 20 PUPS into my Computer and this morning I removed MSE and replaced with Avast and this resulted in a 'small' litter of 8 PUPS.

Incidentally, I am now back with MSE which doesn't cause me any problems. Not that I am operating on XP but I still using Vista on my Desktop Comp ( posting hereby) and have W8 on my laptop.

My Favourite Browser is and always has been Firefox.

Sorry ^^^^ Error....W7 on Laptop.
>>>How does one cope with the fact that installing free Avast, also puts Google Chrome into one's computer

Not if you follow the maxim of 'read before clicking', Hans! The Avast installation process does indeed invite you to install Chrome (and that option is pre-selected by default) but you can de-select that option if you so choose, so the problems you refer to shouldn't arise.
Obviously I must have missed the 'invite' which is really unlike me, because my advice to people is read carefully before clicking.

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@methyl.....I agree 100%.

My problem is sometimes establishing what is a genuine site and, even although I endeavour to be ultra careful, it is possible for me hit upon a 'shady' one with catastrophic results.

Sorry lyall if I have created a digression from your question, but I sincerely hope you are appreciated of the fact that my comments are intended to be constructive. AVG is good, as is Avast; but I would be one of the first to say that MSE is on its way out.(although I am still using it )

there's a very useful little utility Unchecky which unticks some, if not all, of the check boxes that result in unwanted extra bits and pieces when installing programs
@bibblebub......It sounds an interesting 'add-on' . Do you use it ?.

I clicked the link that you gave and viewed the video which does make a number of references to 30 days free trial. Immediately, I began to think that there is a catch somewhere.

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@methyl....I hope that lyall will forgive what could be deemed to be a complete digression from the original question.

Your latest posting is very interesting and perhaps is confirming my thought that, whilst CNET is very informative, it is questionable as to how reliable is the information which is thereby imparted.


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Question Author
Hans I have no problems with anything you have added to this thread. I have read everything that has been put down, I can’t say I understand much of what’s here but I hope I have got the gist. I am not very technically minded and am VERY nervous of doing anything with my computer in case I stuff it up! at the end of last summer I inadvertently downloaded some PUP viruses, still not sure where from, and am scared stiff of doing something wrong.

Methyl I did as you suggested and did start-run-winver and this is the information I got – Microsoft Windows Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_qfe.130704-0421: service pack3) Physical Memory available to windows 2,061,356KB

My Microsoft Security Essentials is now permanently on ‘potentially unprotected’ so I know I have to do something soon. I have been on the comodo web site here but am unsure which free security to download as there are a number of options. There is one for a fire wall, would I need to download this separately or would it be part of the Internet security package or the IceDragon package? As I use nothing but firefox should I download the IceDrgon? I would like to keep Malwarebytes would this interfere with anything in the comodo security? I know that when I decide to download my new security that I have to uninstall my old security before installing the new one.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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