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Pc Battery Is Stuck At 68%

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piggynose | 19:42 Tue 07th Nov 2023 | Computers
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Does this mean the battery is on the way out?

pc make.. its a HP laptop 15s.eq1xxx

x64 - based PC



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Whilst it is still on and plugged in, remove the battery and wait a minute or so and slot the battery back in. It will fully charge. 

If you do buy a replacement battery make sure its genuine, there are some really dodgy ones around that could cause a fire.

Did you try Togo's suggestion yet?

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It looks like a sealed unit! Can't see how it comes out ! 

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Just looked at a YouTube video, bloody fiddly !!lots of tiny screws to remove to get at the battery ! Ill have to take it to a pc shop! 

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it seems the teccies are not around atm. I have just been to a pc shop, and they said one of the cells is broken, this is the reason it cant work indepedent of the wall socket. They also said if it goes down to 47% that will mean another cell will have been broken! that will be the time to change the battery!

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It's back to full battery power? The only explanation I've got is, I had to do a 'microsoft update' yesterday! Which took me about about an hour. I only noticed later on that the battery had charged to 100%. Saving me a few bob buying a new battery!  


That's good news Piggy. Heaven knows we need some at the moment.

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Certainly is hoppy.

All €69!! About £60+


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Pc Battery Is Stuck At 68%

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