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Help Being Stalked By Mcafee

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jourdain2 | 21:34 Fri 17th Nov 2023 | Computers
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Clicked on a link from Webbo tonight - informed illegal site and pc infected by 5 viruses.  My pc antiviral says all OK.  But these d**************d beeps and warnings keep popping up and  makingthe screen sometimes invisible.


What do I do apart from delete them every 20 seconds?



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Screen sometimes invisible.  


Download and run AdwCleaner, accepting any prompts that you see to zap any nasties that have been found:

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OK malwarebytes installed (3rd go) and it  and windows security say all well - butthese d8888d ad's keep popping up and everyoso often obscure screen -thisis my 3rd go at typing this.

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I've close whole  computer down, but it comes back!

Try running the software from either link above in Windows Safe Mode:

(NB: In Windows Safe Mode, your screen might look rather odd because it will be using a default graphics driver, rather than the one that's normally used.  Don't worry about it; you can still run the software normally).

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I wish I understood this stuff. Malwarebyte says OK.  Windows securitysays Ok and I've run a scan.  This 'critical virus alert' keeps appearing and if I ignore it it gets bigger.  Keeps saying revew Mcafee - everyso often  a subscrition form appears and a demand for £39.99.

Which web browser are you using?  (e.g. Chrome, Edge, etc)

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Er ... Bing, I think .  I really don't know anything about this stuff and its getting hard to read your answers because the ad/warning is bottom right and I cant move the cursor down until it goes away.

Bing is a search engine, not a web browser. 

However, since Bing is the default search engine for Edge, I'll assume that's what you're using as your browser.  Resetting it to the original default settings might clear the problem for you:

However it would probably make far more sense to use a decent web browser instead of Edge!  Despite the fact that Microsoft supply Edge as a part of Windows, only 1 in 20 computer users stick with it.  The vast majority of others download and run an alternative browser, with Crome being by far the most popular choice.  (2 in 3 computer users have Chrome as their browser):

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Thank you, thank  you so much!


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Help Being Stalked By Mcafee

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