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Microsoft Charge

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tearinghair | 09:47 Mon 27th Nov 2023 | Computers
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I've just seen a charge of £59.99 on my bank account for Microsoft. I have no idea what this is, except that I remember last year having to opt out of a regular charge. I haven't seen anything this year and I'm always careful to check for fraud. I may have deleted an email giving me the chance to opt out. 

Please could someone tell me what this is for, and whether I have any chance of getting a refund? It;s marked as a pending catd trandsction for today.



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My guess is 365.  Contact MS, don't access 365 

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Thank you, Barry1010. It seems that I had stupidly left my subscription o a 'renew each year' basis. I think they should send a reminder in good time, though.

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Microsoft Charge

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