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Uninstall microsoft trial version

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MKG | 14:19 Tue 10th Mar 2009 | Computers
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Can anyone tell if they have had problems with un installing microsoft trial version's. I have done the usuall thing Control panel, then uninstall. But it comes up uninstall did not complete successefully. Can anyone help. Cos all Microsoft want to do is charge �49 to help. after me having paid �97 for the new version that I cant install due to having the old version still installed. What agrovation!


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Trial version of what?
Question Author
Microsoft outlook. So I have no excel etc at the moment.

I assume you mean office then (outlook is a program for dealing with emails, excel is a spreadsheet... they are both part of the office package)

anyhow the new version should install even if the old version is left on. have you tried it?
Question Author
Hi Chuckfickins

Yes tried it several times. It says Encountered an error durring setup. They sent me another 25 digit code to download it again. And was exactly the same. What I dont understand why you cannot uninstall the trial version thought you uninstal any program?

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have you tried installing over the other?
Question Author

Due to the fact that I am unable to uninstall the trial version I have tried every permentation. Microsoft even sent me another 25 pin licence number for me to install the new one again. but ended back at square one! Surley someone out there can solve this one, even if it's uninstalling the trial version? Hope you can help.
hi you need to installled the office from the add and remove programs than restart the computer and than try to install the paid version it will installed .if you have any problem after this you can avail at the source at
Question Author
Hi johnpol179

I have tried exactly that! but it will not uninstal the trial version. Thanks for the link

as an act of desparation you could delete the office folder from my programs

backup your registry
delete the

restart ...
and cross your fingers
it's a drastic solution ... and if you get it wrong ... you'll have to restore - or even rebuild the machine

I'm assuming trial version = new machine so
the other option is to take the machine back and tell them to fix it

oem versions are supported by the manufacturer

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Uninstall microsoft trial version

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