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ZoneAlarm anti-spywre or AVG

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clajen31 | 19:05 Mon 28th May 2007 | Computers
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I've installed ZoneAlarm security suite & my system is slow to boot, generally sluggish. I've disabled the spyware & virus features in favour of AVG anti-virus & AVG anti-spyware 7.5 retaining the firewall. I'm not sure if ZoneAlarm or AVG anti-spware is responsible as both were installed back to back. Should I enable ZoneAlarm anti-spyware & uninstall AVG 7.5 or would it be better to revert to basic firewall & stick with AVG anti-spyware?
I appreciate through trial and error I"ll get there, but if someone can save me the time......

many thanks


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I use ZoneAlarm firewall free edition and both AVG anti-spyware and anti-virus without problem.

Are you using XP or Vista?

Have you got too many unnecessary programmes in your start up folder?

I found zone alarm slowed mine a bit too, so I switched to Comodo firewall. It starts up a bit quicker.
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Ethel, I'm running XP (so no compatibility issues) & the start up menu (as always) is down to bare essentials. Thanks for asking. I think however, you've answered my question.

most appreciated.
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Mac70, Thanks for answering, I'll take a look at comodo.
You should only have one virus or firewall installed and/or running.

AVG is OK with zone alarm firewall .... but security suite includes virus scanning .... and will conflict with avg even if it is disabled - because it still tries to "defend" itself against attack. when avg scans it's files.

uninstall sec suite and just install firewall and you should be ok

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ZoneAlarm anti-spywre or AVG

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