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Blue Screen of Death

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Boriyako | 16:40 Tue 10th Mar 2009 | Computers
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Hi folks

Have had the dreaded BSoD pop up a couple of times recently.

Does anyone know how I can capture a screen shot of it or any other way of recording the info other than writing it down?



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not sure if you tried this already, but ctrl+print scrn. The open for exapple, word and rt click and press paste
errrrr, bednobs

if print screen does capture the screen the computer has crashed, they won't be able to paste it into anything :)


Write it down (or use a camera to take a pic!)

lol bed ... or can I call you .... erm

you might find pause freezes the screen ... but chuck's idea is more sound
If you don't have a camera, contact a local artist, who might be willing to paint it for you for a small fee - or, if that's not possible, perhaps the local crochet club would find it diverting to crochet a copy.
lol roj .... do you think he'll keep his socks on?
your machine is overheating

the cooling fan is clogged

sort it out or youre going to need a new computer
Overheating is one possibility but zig.zag is overstating the possibility.

While you are checking the CPU heatsink pull out the RAM and reseat it. This problem is quite common. Make sure you disconnect the power before removing the RAM.

Also check the motherboard capacitors for any sign of bulging. They can cause troubles without swelling but bulging ends is a sure sign of failure.
one thing no-one else has mentioned...I've just had to sort someones computer out that had the infamous AV360 virus or malware or whatever it's called. This produces a fake blue screen and memory dump. Are you sure you haven't been infected?
hi when the web page comes out in which you want to capture than press the print scrn tab in the keyboard and than press ctrl+c tab both than close the window of the capture and than open paint from the program accessories ans select paint and in the paint click on the paint by the mouse and than press ctrl+v in the keyboard and you get the screen shot of the windows in the paint than save it in the paste and you can use it or send it anywhere
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many Thanks to all of you who have replied.

Not going to crochet or paint because I can't get the colours right.

Going to send my laptop in for a good clean out and have the ram reseated (overheating could be a problem as I run high-end graphics games - I do use a stand with a fan though) I will also check for that virus as the problem is very intermittent - 3 times in 4 months.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be something to do with my mobile broadband as I remember seeing the letters IRP somewhere in the message.Seem to remember (probably incorrectly!) from my old DOS days that IRP had something to do with internet access..?????

Thanks again for all the advice

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Blue Screen of Death

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