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abstibus | 21:32 Wed 06th May 2009 | Computers
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I am sure this question has been asked a million times before, so I apologise in advance. I have vista on my laptop and have been using Webroot, which is going to run out in 26 days. Has anyone any ideas on free and effective protection downloads, and do I need to do anything about Mcafee, which keeps popping up to tell me I need to register (30 day free trial). I had heard that Mcafee was not compatible with other stuff that runs on Vista, and as a bit of clot with all this, I need simple guidance. Can anyone help/advise?


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You should only ever have one antivirus program (and just one firewall) running on your PC at any time, to avoid system conflicts. Even 'expired' software can still cause problems, so you should uninstall both McAfee and Webroot.

For a list of suitable replacement software, which gets recommended every time this question comes up, please see my post on this thread: uters/Question727356.html

There are lost of good and effective antivirs software avaliable like

AVG free ee-edition

Avast! tml

For adware .php

For malware removal

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