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Internet/landline at two separate locations

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2Margaret | 07:23 Wed 30th Nov 2011 | Internet
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At home I have talktalk for landline and internet with a tt internet address. We have recently bought a small second property in the North to be near family while we decide whether or not to make a permanent move. At present although there is a phone socket, because the flat had been empty for some time there was no connection to take over. The small block of 8 flats is trying to get Sky or Virgin in which case we would also get internet/landline from the same supplier. If so, would I have to have a different email address from them as the telephone number would obviously be different to our main home? At the moment I receive my emails through windows mail and when at the flat I access them via tt using a family member's computer.


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Yes, you would.
You can always access email through webmail though .. your existing account .. and you could retrieve to a PC/laptop installed client from any location.
You do not 'have' to use your ISP's mail system.
Consider basic Sky broadband with phone supply .. It's cheap.
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Thank you Albags - I have been worrying about this.

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Internet/landline at two separate locations

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