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coomputerman | 09:05 Thu 30th May 2013 | Internet
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Hi All

Have been looking at the site for a while now and finally decided to take the plunge and join.

As you all know O2 have been taken over by Sky (Don't want to give them ANY of my money), and I'm looking for a new provider, has any one had any experience of Tesco as a broadband user, if so what are they like, I'd like to hear good or bad as we need to seriously start considering our options.

All answers appreciated


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Whenever I've spoken to the BT call centre the operator at the other end has spoken with an Indian accent. What matters to me is whether or not they can deal with my problem.

I have spoken to them on several occasions, most through my own ineptitude, and been completely satisfied with their knowledge and ability to sort my problems.
Thanks Blue Toffee
@BlueToffee...I now now what BT stands for.:-) lol.

Joking apart, the staff in India are very polite and, as far as I am concerned, they really know their stuff and are most helpful.

I think they're all Man U supporters in India, Alston!
You almost certainly have a BT phone line, so why don't you enquire about their Broadband service ? I have been with BT for my 'net access since 1995, and have always had a good service. Excellent aftercare as well.

Think very carefully indeed if you are tempted by TalkTalk !

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