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Dongle For International Wifi

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Bigfellah | 11:35 Thu 12th Jan 2023 | Internet
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When travelling abroad, we need WiFi access especially in a car to get GPS and directions.

I have a Samsung A50 and am looking for the compatible dongle to facilitate this.

I have seen this on Ebay ( which has a standard USB connection. If this is plugged in the the car's USB port will that pick up WiFi wherever one goes and allow the phone to pick up the signal?


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Your link isn't working. Why not get a PAYG sim card for the country you are travelling in and put it in your phone? It's not the dongle that counts, it's the SIM card.
A dongle will require a SIM with international roaming. You might just as well get international roaming on the SIM in your phone.
Indeed (the link does work btw but it is a mile long :-)

You would be better off connecting your phone direct.
Question Author
OK, thank you folks that was an alternative as the phone has dual Sim capacity.
Is 'abroad' outside of the EU ? where are you ?
Nobody's mentioned it yet, but it's the 3G/4G (data) capability of the phone that you need to turn on and use. GPS does not itself require an internet connection, so the phone is perfectly able to act as a standalone GPS receiver, but the connectivity is required for maps, directions, etc.
Question Author
Thank you, ETCH, useful to know that.
Forgot to add that there should be no need for an additional SIM, your existing one is very likely capable of using 3G/4G, data roaming, etc. Who is the service provider?
Question Author
Thanks, ETCH, I'm with Vodafone and will be travelling in South Africa and also USA later this year. I usually get Vodacom phone and Sim in South Africa but now as I have dual Sim capability I'll just get SIM
If you're hiring a car, are you sure it doesn't have Sat Nav in-built. If not you can usually ask for one to be part of the hire package.
Question Author
Hi Zacs, That is an option but the additional cost is a lot more than using a sim in phone.

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Dongle For International Wifi

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