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Stopping Unwanted Emails

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tearinghair | 11:01 Fri 13th Jan 2023 | Internet
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I'm being deluged with emails offering me services of a sexual nature that I have no wish to take up - at 79 I'm way past my sell-by date even if I'd ever been interested, which is certainly not the case. I delete the domain, the sender, and the email, but still they come. Is there a solution, please?


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Instead of deleting them, mark as spam and block sender.
Who is your email account with and do you login/view your emails through a web/internet browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc) or via software/app (Microsoft Outlook for example)?

Tilly is right, make sure you set/mark the email to spam/junk.
Problem is, mine go automatically to spam but when I try to block them I get a message telling me it cannot be done as it isn't a valid domain name.
I will keep an eye on the thread to see if someone can give us the answer.
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They are in my Spam folder and I always delete domain, sender and email. I don't open them as it's clear from the title what they are. I use BT webmail.
You should be able to block as well as delete
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I have done, sorry I meant 'block' not 'delete'. I'm assuming that has worked but that they're coming from different senders/domains now. Would it be better just to ignore them, with the risk of filling up my Spam folder which has occasionally contained emails that should be in my inbox?
Just check your spam folder for wanted emails every couple of days and delete the rest.
It's a moving target, just keep blocking.
Isn't there also a facility to mark 'junk' items that you want to keep as 'not junk' so that future ones always go to your inbox?
I never get those emails, don't know if GMail is better at blocking them before they get to me.
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I'm fairly sure I was able to stop this once before, some years ago. This is a newish laptop, but that surely wouldn't make a difference? I think I may have been using a different email provider then. I'm getting several every day; all from the female gender (if I'm allowed to say that now?). I'd have thought they would have given up after getting no response for a year or more.
Try something like

Its not one I’ve used, but I did use a similar one years ago for somebody else.
You can block the sender or sent a report against them.
Question Author
Thanks everyone. I guess I'll just have to put up with it then.
Hi Tearinghair
As Tuvok has suggested, use something like Mailwasher, which comes with both a free and professional version, especially if you use a client program such as Thunderbird. I have used the free version for many years for my various emails accounts, and all spam of the sort that you are being plagued by is intercepted and sent to spam folders automatically, no matter what the senders domain or name is, Mailwasher picks them up probably by the nature of the content.
You can also set up 'Friends lists' for senders you wish to receive no matter what the content, or 'Black lists' for senders that seem to get through the normal filters but you wish to block.

I'm not sure if Mailwasher works with emails viewed via web browsers, but I have realised that whenever I pick up my emails on my Android mobile phone, or my I Pad, no spam messages appear, as if Mailwasher is working in the background all the time, even though it is only installed on my desktop PC.
A few years ago, I got a spate of them, record 130 on one day, from very attractive ladies usually but from different addresses etc. Yahoo mail did put them in spam, so I just had to do as suggested, check my spam folder every couple of days. They eventually stopped.

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Stopping Unwanted Emails

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