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Old_Geezer | 13:13 Fri 22nd Sep 2023 | Internet
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Not used the Lloyds banking app for ages, tried it a couple of days ago and got problems. Something stopped it working and I'd have to contact the bank to reset, or words to that effect. Didn't have time free then so I left it.

Today I retry, different screen but still not straight in. Before contacting bank thought I'd delete and reinstall the app first just in case that cleared the problem. Deleted ok. Went to Play Store, search for, but no sign of a Lloyds 'private' banking app. I had to contact the bank and I won't go through the details here but eventually got info from the bank on how to link to the right app in Play Store .

Did so, yes it still exists, but it claims to be incompatible with my Samsung mobile phone ! It will not show any download button.

I got in touch with Lloyds again. Not a good line, I had to really concentrate to hear. But the gist was that as my phone software is at 10, it should be compatible. No they can't supply a different link to the version I deleted, nor apparently to the latest version so I could install & try it anyway. Apparently it's just tough luck, use the website.

I was wondering if anyone here had a valid solution/suggestion.

I did realise my Samsung tablet also had the app installed. I tried that and went through a lot of rigmarole to get through security, including a phone back/code thing. Finally got in there. If it is ok, I've no idea why the phone isn't. Either Lloyds or Google seem to have dropped the ball somewhere.



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I really must go back to putting my own line spaces between paragraphs 😒

The latest version of Android is 13, not 10. Try installing that and then re-try your phone. 

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Apparently my software is up to date. Version 10.

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Installed just last year (August).,both%20launched%20with%20it%20preinstalled.

are you sure 10 doesn't relate to your browser rather than the operating system?

Depends how old the phone is, there comes a point when Android no longer updates to the latest version

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The S9 ain't that old. It's like industry is trying to force people into slinging a perfectly good phone and forking out £1k every couple of years. I can not believe any update in the app was so vital that it was worth messing up a large percentage of customers. Besides, as said, the same app works on the tablet which is the same os version. Maybe it is either a screw-up by Google, or by Lloyds; but the refusal to allow access to the version I had is quite unacceptable.

It's 5 years old and 10 is the last version 

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Precisely. And the bank says it should work on 10, but clearly Play Store thinks otherwise.


Wonder if the Samsung apps has the version.....

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No. And a poor search function too.

You will just have to access it through your tablet or the website on your PC, OG.  

There is nothing you can do to bypass Lloyd's restrictions

I'm afraid it's move with the times or suffer the consequences, OG. We're all held to ransom by technology these days. 

Can you log in to the website on your phone? You may not need the app

Question Author

Most likely, but then I'd need to recall the account and password on top of the memorable nonsense :-(


The thing to note as that it can't be a case of being behind the artificially created "times" as the tablet is running the same app on the same O/S version; plus the app I deleted in the hope of curing the issue started up the same way as the tablet app did later that day. I am convinced it's more a case of them being stubborn. Knowing they are letting the old app version run if already installed, but refusing to let those who uninstalled put it back again even though there's an issue with their new version. I suspect they deliberately choose to withhold app service to anyone in that position.

Have you jailbreaked your phone at any time?

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No. The only thing I've done, as I do on all tech, is enable the developer's menu.

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