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multiple emails with small differences

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boobesque | 00:08 Wed 11th Nov 2009 | Internet
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Hey guys,

Basically i'm on a job hunt and send the same email with the same attachment with a few minor differences to each (job reference, the 'to' field, job title and the name of the recipient). I'm doing this like 20 times per day. Is there a program out there where i can just supply the differences or something and it will send to all 20 recipients? like email1 - reference1 - name1 - title1 etc?

I'm not an absolute amateur with perl and if I need to i will try to write my own but if one already exists i would be most grateful? OS/cli/GUI/language unimportant.



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there is "mail merge", but I'm not sure how to do it.. sorry! you may be able to do it on Word/Works?

and good luck :o)
it's def on Works under the "mailings" tab.
There is a guide to using mail merge to send emails from Word Via Outlook at
Oh, I've just re-read your question :-( Mail merge to email can be done with word or Open Office, but an email with an attachment may not work so forget the link I posted.
OK, one final try to give you a sensible answer - this one uses Outlook, word and a macro to let you send emails with attachments
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thanks. I'll check out the link properly later. Looks like what i need though :)

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multiple emails with small differences

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