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maxtor external hard drive error

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rushie | 22:15 Sat 15th Oct 2005 | Technology
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can anyone help - i have an external hd and the power light is flashing when its on - I have reported to maxtor but they cannot (will not) recover my stuff from it.

Is there any way I can recover the info - I have had several quotes from data recovery companies and the are scary



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It may not be the actual disk that is faulty, more probably the power supply. Any errors in the Windows event log (if you are running XP) ?.

If you can take the disk out of the external caddy then it is fairly easy to put it inside a PC case and use it as an internal drive.

You should then be able to do get the data off the drive.  

If you want any info about how to do that then ask here.

If (and right now, it's a big if) the drive is corrupt then I can help with the scary quotes. You may need to stalk me in another thread to remind me to help if I don't check back in here.

Do you know which file system was used? NTFS or FAT ?
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thanks very much for such a quick reply - I am not a "techie" but have a friend who can help.

I will ask him to look at for me and pass on your mesage.

I really appreciate any help - I have some important stuff on there.cheers


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The drive is still under warranty so unless it a last resort would prefer to try other means. My pal has tried to "look" at the drive but hasnt had any success.


Any Ideas please.


Has he/she given you any indication what might be wrong with it? Any idea if it's the power supply rather than the drive being corrupt?

I take it this is a second drive and you have your operating system installed on an internal drive?
If so, it's possible to get your own data recovery software and try to rescue whatever important info is on there without paying any hefty fees.

Ask if you need further info.
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Hiya Stevie 21 - thanks fro the last message - he has had a look and it isnt the power supply - he got to look at the details once but then he couldnt get back onto it take a list of whats on there - do you think somewhere like pc world could help ?


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maxtor external hard drive error

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