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Just Thought I'd Mention Something You May Find Helpful In The Future....

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ToraToraTora | 20:33 Thu 07th Jan 2021 | Technology
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My disc drive packed up last week on an old Lenovo T410, nowt to write home about, anyway I bought a new solid state drive instead of the old style HDD. re installed the OS and wow it goes like *** off a shovel. Now I know it's down to the drive because I initially changed it for an HDD I had and that packed up after a fortnight so I bit the bullet and spent £50 on a SDD and wallop works great.


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I bought a new laptop a couple of months ago. Most of them have SSDs now. When my last laptop hard drive died, I nearly opted to replace it with a SSD but I didn't. Now I know why a SSD is so good. I would never go back to an HDD
Another thing is, if you drop the laptop a SSD probably won`t break.
I wish I understood what this thread is about. :-)
I upgraded my desktop from HDD to SSD a few years ago, went from booting up in almost 3 mins down to around 20 seconds. I also kept my old HDD in there for putting downloads and videos etc. on to save space on the SSD. Well worth doing
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tills it's the disc drive in your computer. HDD is the old style mechanical disc with moving parts, TBF a remarkable piece of engineering in it's modern form. However an SDD does the same but it is in fact memory chips that the OS thinks is a disc so files are stored and retrieved as if they are in fact memory, much much faster.
Did my desktop about 6 months ago .. boot time went from 1min 55 seconds to 9seconds.
Without doubt it is the best upgrade you could do to an older system !
Well done.
I did that 8 years ago.

You need to ditch your Intel chips and get a PC running sh/t off a shovel M1 Apple silicon.
Twice as fast (as Intel) at half the energy usage.

(But I know that is not an option for you).
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sunk I only did it because my HDD packed up and It wasn't so slow as to make me do something until I had to.
Thank you,T3 but all those abbreviations are way over my head.

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HDD - Hard Disk Drive
SSD - Solid State Drive
OS - Operating System
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apologies I said SDD when I meant SSD
I have, in the past upgraded my desktop with a hybrid and my old HP laptop with a hybrid. I have also done 2 laptops for friends. I used Hybrids because the 1Tb ssd drives were an astronomical price, but the hybrids were very cost effective. I also doubled the ram in my deskop and put a touch screen monitor with it. Everything flies and the laptop which I had to change the fan on some time back now runs cool as ya like. I also have a microsoft surface pro which is like witchcraft that I take with me when I am mobile. Just a point. When I built the desktop way back when I over specced everything and put the best motherboard there was on the market at the time , and put in a power supply that would power our street lights. The same specifications now would cost me a pretty penny. Last time I looked about a grand. I also cloned all the hard drives to the new drives that I installed so that no files were lost and all settings remained. It was interesting.
I had important data which was archived to an external HD. I changed that to a SSD because it was safer. I partition that and had put Windows OS on that which booted up super super fast.
So I replaced the HD on my Mac to a SSD just for the speed improvement, and my productivity.

Apple Silicon is going to be a game changer. I don’t have one yet, but they are very very good.
Here we all are, pleased as Punch with our SSD's and the game has already been upped to M2 drives, which make the SSD's look slow !

Togo.. the price of a 1tb SSD has done nothing but tumble.
I changed to SSD a few years ago, I would advise everyone to do it, it is quite easy
I knew that the price was down Al, it was bound to happen. At the time that I needed then an ssd with the right specs would have been about 4 times as much as the one you are showing and I was picking up the hybrids for about 40 quid. If I ever have to sort another lappie out I will obviously be using the ssd option. It is something I do keep my eye on. Have a look at this Alava and look at how the price leaps up with increased capacity and but not always faster write speed. The gamers love em. User Recommendation

If your machine can use more RAM than it has - upgrade it. Cheap, quick, easy and makes a huge difference.
When buying a new computer you should max out the ram then. Adding more ram near to the end of its life is a false economy. Save your pennies for your next purchase.
It's worth doing at any time, RAM is so cheap now and PCs last a lot longer than they used to. I agree the earlier the better but any time is good.

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