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Facebook Group, Admin Has Died

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alex1706 | 20:03 Sat 27th Feb 2021 | Technology
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I'm a member of a historical Facebook group. There was only one Admin and we think the only he may have died, therefore leaving the group with no controls. He hasn't opened any messages etc. He didn't live locally having left the area several years ago and we cannot locate friends or family as his profile is set to private, not showing friends. The last thing on his page is a profile image from June 2013. New members are given access due to group settings which allow anyone to approve a member, and it's now getting posts from Clickbait sites and advertising. Have tried to get sense out of Facebook, their automated Q&A page suggest ask Admin to make you Admin as well, what planet are they on? Or tells you to "Click Become Admin below Admins & Moderators." That option doesn't even exist.


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I would just open a new group and move everyone over
yes, all you can do is start a new group. Its a long shot but have you tried googling his name? sometimes funeral announcements and so on will pop up
I found that to be a problem with one of my groups when I got put into FB prison for a few weeks after putting on a joke about Russia around the time of Trump's election - when I got back the first thing I did was make someone else an admin in case I got blocked again.
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1) Thought of starting another group, but sadly the other one will remain prominent as very active with the rubbish being added and has a high profile. Not my place to move everything over, and moving members without consultation might not be popular. Before it got polluted with Clickbait etc it was very good with lots of history and old photos. Also if the Admin is still around might get a bit upset if I plagiarise from his group and try a hostile take-over. Be nice if it could be archived.
2)Tried Googling the name of the current Admin, last heard of Oct 2017 living somewhere in Cork Ireland.
I would offer to be his assistant or even a moderator, but nobody can find him and messages are not being opened, along with others we are of the opinion he's passed.
If you can still post on the group then why not discuss it there and see if others would like the group migrated. If you don't want to do it, someone else might. Its not a hostile takeover, its doing your best in a bad situation.

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Facebook Group, Admin Has Died

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