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Which T V Any Suggestions Please.

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grandpajoe | 20:01 Wed 30th Nov 2022 | Technology
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Hello folks. I am wanting to get a good flat screen wall mounted T V about 40 inch. It will be located at the side of the chimney breast (there is 4 ft space) so it can be pulled out at an angle then pushed back in after use (If need be) I believe one can find these types of T Vs where there is no need for a Freeview box so no clutter on the floor. Any suggestions please? Not too fussed about price but nothing too silly . We have B T internet and T V + BT Sports (Can't do without The English Rugby Prem' League!!) + Netflix. Prime etc,. Thank you, Chris.


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We have 2 Samsung tvs.

They both have 5 year guarantees.

Have a look at your local Euronics shop - they are all independant stores, but have collective prices.

Alternatively John Lewis.
I've had Samsungs and LG and prefer the latter. I'd certainly get it from Richer Sounds...a brilliant retailer which always tops the Which? Best Retailer awards ( and a free 6-year warranty).
Richer Sounds are always good for electronics of any description. It's always worth looking in your local Curry's; even if you don't want to buy it there they have an enormous selection of TVs on display so that you can see what you want and compare.
How do you get BT TV? Is it a box?
I like Sony and Panasonic
No new TV needs a Freeview box and haven't done for years. Don't mount your TV too high, you'll get a crick in the neck
I have just bought a Sharp Aquos 43” from Asda for £229. I am very pleased with it. Additionally, I got a Amazon Firestick for £20.
unless you want to record programmes on Freeview
nero, but that is not to broadcast tv, it is to record it. It's impossible to buy a new tv recorder that is not Freeview.
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Thank you all for your input Very helpful Cheers Chris

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Which T V Any Suggestions Please.

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