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Help With Getting Itvx On My Smart Tv Please!

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moggie 939 | 13:05 Thu 08th Dec 2022 | Technology
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I have looked in my Freeview apps on my TV and ITV Hub is still there but when I pressed it it said it was finished (I thought itvx would appear in it' place) I have a new model Sony Bravia TV

So I went into my phone and downloaded theitvx app and registered and got everything on my phone. I was the told I would get an email so I could continue to set up on my TV but no email came and I cannot find the itvx app on my tv at all.

It said go into menu to left on the app but there is not one there. What am I doing wrong please or will it appear at a later date

Thanks Moggie


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My Phillips tv has also updated. I had to sign in with my itv hub password. All went ok. I started watching something but I found you can't fast forward the adverts. Is this normal and if so is this why they are stopping using freewiew?
^^^ Streaming services are able to configure their apps so that fast-forwarding of ads in only available for payment, ILA. Indeed, that's exactly what Sky is already doing with it's new online service (which will eventually replace its satellite broadcasting):
Cheers Buenchico. So they've trapped us. Pay or watch the ever increasing adverts. No way passed it.
If I was younger I'd join the revolutionarily fight against ads ;) .
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Thanks everyone for your help since I started this conversation. I tried everything and found that the simplest way for me was to use a hdmi connection from my laptop to the tv and it works! I hope in time my TV might automatically update as Buenchico and others have said it happens in stages,
May I ask any of you already familiar with itvx a question?

I started watching a series and when I went back to it it started at the beginning again rather than continued where I ended it - what am I doing wrong? also........there was an add to list box which I ticked and thought that might be a watch list like in Amazon Prime but I cannot find how to access it - I am using the free not bought service.

Thanks again

Question Author
Just thought I would update everyone - I now have ITVX on my tv!!

I bought 'Google Chromecast TV 4K Snow' from Amazon as I was told this would definitely work as I have a Google account and it did!

Took only 15 minutes to set up and as soon as I plugged it in it showed the ITVX app at the beginning of the list. I now just ask for it using voice on the remote that came with it and it goes straight to it.

Thanks everyone for your help


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Help With Getting Itvx On My Smart Tv Please!

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