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I-Phone Keeps Saying That There Is No Internet Connection

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grandpajoe | 16:18 Tue 13th Dec 2022 | Technology
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My wife's i-phone keeps stating there is no internet connection when at home and there is a connection to internet to which she has her phone logged into. It has happened irregularly for the past few weeks but now is more frequent. She has to switch off her phone, wait a minute or two and then switch it back on to correct the issue. Does anyone know why this should happen please?


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I've no idea as to why it happens. (It's a well-known bug on Android phones too). However simply switching Flight Mode on, and then then off again, usually provides at least a temporary fix to the problem.
Has she done the latest update?
also, which model is it?
Been getting internet connection issues on both mobile phone and tablet for ages. Used to be worse in the evenings, but gradually extending earlier & earlier. I put it down to the Internet Supplier (failed).
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Thank you all for your help..Chris
Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

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I-Phone Keeps Saying That There Is No Internet Connection

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