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HFJL2020 | 21:03 Sun 26th Feb 2023 | Technology
21 Answers
cannot connect the tv box -- using humax tv box


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Do you mean you can’t connect the box to the tv, or the box to internet?
Question Author
box to internet thank u
I don’t have a Humax box, but do have other tv devices.

You need to connect the box to your router. Look for netwrok settings. You may also need to press the WIFI or WPS button on your router to allow the box to connect.

If you have previously had it connected to your router, it may have lost its connection. My tv would lose its connection if powered off. Cured it by manually inputing the wifi password rather than letting the tv connect using the wps button.
Question Author
dont know wifi password
Your wifi password will be on a label somewhere on your router.
Question Author
sorry to bother u again i reset the tv tried to put in password in lower case and high case then it said invalid password thank u
Is it a Humax Freeview or Humax Freesat box?
Question Author
its a humax freeview
Sorry ,I have only just got back to you. Ours is Freesat and is connected to the dish on the side of the house. You have plugged yours into your Aerial socket haven't you.
Question Author
yes i have it plugged in to the aerial socket thank u
Question Author
i forgot to mention idid reset my tv it made no difference
The wifi password needs to be entered exactly as it is written - eg ABCdef not abcdef

You may need to press the WiFi/WPS button on the router as well.
Question Author
trying to put email in it says email not found any ideas please tried lower high case no luck
Have you the model number of the box? That way I can look at the manual.

Its the wifi password not an email address that you need.

Check that you are trying the wifi password and not the router admin password.
Question Author
it says in the box email or phone tried both no luck
Question Author
looked rear tv boxfront of user manual hdr1800 hdr-1800t--------tygb75009b-----sn 637110488--021124 thats all the info i can give u
The password you need is on the router, NOT the Humax box.
As it ever worked? If so who set it up then??
Is there anyone nearby who could pop round to yours and have alook for you...might only take some one a minute
Question Author
ta for info neighbours are snooty dont mix with one another might have to get a techine in their not cheap thanks
This is what the manual says

Connecting to the Wireless LAN
You can connect to the wireless network with HUMAX Wi-Fi USB Adapter (Optional accessory).
1. Insert the HUMAX Wi-Fi USB Adapter into a USB port.
2. Go to Menu > Settings > System > Internet Setting > Configure Wi-Fi.
If the Configure Wi-Fi menu is disabled, check that the Wi-Fi USB Adapter is inserted correctly.
3. Select the network name from the list of available wireless networks.
4. Select the Security Type of your wireless network. The default is WPA-PSK(TKIP).
5. Select Password and press the OK button. Enter the password and press the YELLOW button to
confirm. Select APPLY and press the OK button.
6. After the wireless network is connected, press the OK button.
Note: HUMAX Wi-Fi USB Adapter is supplied free with HDR-2000T/1TB/WD but available as optional accessory for other Humax models.

Do you have the wifi adapter? You’ll know if you can see the name of your wifi.

Has your wifi password been changed at anytime? If not it should be the one on the back/bottom of the router.

Is it definitely the wifi password that its asking for, or is it a password for the box? On the front of the manual I looked up it says the default password is 0000 (thats 4 number 0)

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