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Deathly Slow Acer Aspire C22

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grandpajoe | 21:17 Wed 10th May 2023 | Technology
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My Acer is about 3 years old and we like it a lot. However when I switch it on it takes at least 10 mins before one can use it. Similarly when it has been idle at least 5 mins before it runs normally. Is there owt I can do to speed it up please??


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You could try downoading CCleaner (it is free). It will scan your machine for unecessary junk and will then get rid of it. If CCleaner takes more than 5 minutes to scan, then it might be because there is loads of junk to clear out. If it makes an improvement, then do it again. If it doesn't help, then you need to look elsewhere e.g. a virus.
I'm sure you'll get more advice from others here.
clean out the start up programs.
Type 'startup' in the Search field.
Click on 'Startup Apps'.
Turn off any apps that you don't want to automatically run at startup.
(e.g. I've just turned off CCleaner, which I've got on my computer but I don't need to run a check every time I turn my computer on, and Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager, which I don't need at all. I've also turned off OneDrive, as I don't use it).
May I clarify that the Search Field is the search box bottom left of the screen. :)
Next time buy a Chromebook and get away from bloated Microsoft systems.
Chromebooks aren't suitable for everyone
They are perfect for cruising the internet and checking emails. The username suggests GrandpaJoe is that sort of user.
save your docs photos etc on the cloud or external drive and reinstall windows is the best solution does not take long
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Thank you all very much for your input . I remember years ago in the Express a fortnightly column about computers for nuggets like me. Ccleaner was mentioned but was called "Crap Cleaner" then.. This brings me to another question "Why didn't the £100 plus a year Norton keep all this stuff off my comp?? Norton renewed itself this year 'cause I didn't read the small print!! So will I be better off with the much cheaper ccleaner this time around?
The basic (all you'll need to use) CCleaner is free.

Please make sure that you carefully check which boxes are ticked under both the "Windows" & "Applications" tabs before you proceed, unticking any you don't want included in the clean-up.

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Deathly Slow Acer Aspire C22

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